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EXOJCR-1671: Broken link in eXo JCR statistics section

EXOJCR-1668: docbook modified

EXOJCR-1603: use rename approach for HSQLDB

EXOJCR-1603: moved setAutoCommit(true) for Sybase db from DBCleanerService to DBCleaner

EXOJCR-1631: Restore state is not managed properly by restore jobs in some cases

EXOJCR-1669: Clean up pom.xml

EXOJCR-1664: Added the ability to check if an item is its own parent to the JCRConsistencyTool

EXOJCR-1665: docs about using LIMIT and OFFSET clauses in DB2

EXOJCR-1662: Ensure using equalsIgnoreCase when checking database dialect

EXOJCR-1648: fix doc

EXOJCR-1654: add test

EXOJCR-1654: get rid of setMaxRows in the query

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EXOJCR-1648: added doc

EXOJCR-1651 : Adding a check to avoid cycles in future.

EXOJCR-1659 : GroovyScriptAddRepoPlugin and the GroovyScript2RestLoaderPlugin are used current repository if repository name was not previously configured.

EXOJCR-1661: Change title of eXo JCR Developer Guide

EXOJCR-1659 : GroovyScript2Rest was used current repository if repository name was not previously configured.

EXOJCR-1653 : Added indexes shows upto 12% query performance increase. Queries were executed in 52ms (avg) previously and in 46ms now.

EXOJCR-1647 : Problem with null in name of thread JobWorkspaceRestore was fixed.

JCR-1678: Bad performance in ChildAxisQuery.SimpleChildrenCalculator.getHits()

Problem description

Using a dataset with 20k users, the Calendar home page takes 160s to display the first time, and 3/4s later.

After 1h (JCR Cache eviction), it takes also 160s to display.

The problem doesn't occur much with 10k users (7s to display).

Fix description

* Avoid invoking getChildNodesData() by storing some needed information in lucene index.

Need to re-index data to ensure that new changes will work.

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JCR-1689: Add new profiles to run functional tests on all supported DBs

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EXOJCR-1534: added a few exclusions for TestSecurityManager

JCR-1689: fix mssql driver class name

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EXOJCR-1649: Wrond driverClassName in mssql properties files, removed " at the end of class name

EXOJCR-1607: add release notes

EXOJCR-1607: change deps to trunk

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.14.4-GA

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EXOJCR-1607: change deps to tag

EXOJCR-1542 : Fix indexReader leak in SearchIndex.checkIndex(), fix leaks in tests and properly release or close readers using Util.closeOrReleaseReader().