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EXOJCR-910: trunk/docs synchronized with branch-1.12.x/

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EXOJCR-842: commit patch (doc part)

EXOJCR-869: link fixes

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EXOJCR-867 target filenames and id's updated

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EXOJCR-782: Implementation based on component-plugins

EXOJCR-782: Implementation based on component-plugins

EXOJCR-784: config fixed

EXOJCR-784: config fixed

Since changes made for EXOJCR-166, the configuration adding process is reported using a logger instead of the standard output.

EXOJCR-605: doc about logging added; small changes in other docs

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EXOJCR-483 Changes from EXOJCR-556 EXOJCR-565 EXOJCR-576 EXOJCR-579 ported to JCR 1.12.0-GA Tag

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EXOJCR-565: doc added

EXOJCR-543: It was not possible anymore to create a variable thanks to another variables. UnitTests have been added and bug has been fixed

EXOJCR-541 documentation updated

EXOJCR-536: The name of the configuration folder that is by default "exo-conf", can be changed thanks to the System property

EXOJCR-528: Documentation in Docbook added

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