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JCR-2234: Make sure that the JDBC Cache store used by the LockManager is optimized and reliable (jcr)

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What is the problem to fix?

* For indexing, JBC is used as the temporary/transactional/cluster aware memory such that if we add an eviction policy we could miss some nodes to index

moreover using eviction algorithm such as FIFO add some contention.

How is the problem fixed?

* Removing eviction policy from configuration

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EXOJCR-1344: No eviction policy is allowed in case of the cache for indexing

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JCR-1622: make bonita tag

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EXOJCR-1028: configs updated

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EXOJCR-696: Reducing Concurrency Level from 50k to 500.

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EXOJCR-682 clustered cache config samples moved to /conf/portal/cluster; LRU algo by default

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