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EXOJCR-1682: Improve ISPN integration to support properly the distribution mode (jcr part 1) * Upgrade to ISPN 5.1.0.CR1 * Move ISPN related to class to a dedicated project because it is now incompatible with the rest due to JGroups 3.0

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JCR-1689: Add new profiles to run functional tests on all supported DBs

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EXOJCR-1624: Propose a maven profile for each supported configuration * All changing values have been moved into properties files * Configuration files for each db have been removed * A new variable has been added in order to enable the statistics easily * We have now one profile per driver instead of per db type * Some changes have been applied at kernel level to be able to use the PropertyConfigurator with the StandaloneContainer

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EXOJCR-1532: Change the target xsd on xml file

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EXOJCR-1475: Upgrade ISPN to 5.0.0 FINAL (JCR part) * BufferedISPNCache has been updated to better fit with the new API * All cache key types has been modified to add a public constructor with no argument to prevent serialization exceptions * putIfAbsent has been re-set to the method ISPNCacheWorkspaceStorageCache.addChildNodes to prevent TestISPNCacheWorkspaceStorageCacheInClusterMode to fail * JGroups and ISPN have been upgraded in the pom files * jboss-logging-spi has been excluded in case of ISPN to prevent conflicts with the latest version * JBossStandaloneJTAManagerLookup has been rewritten to prevent issues due to the loading order (more info in the class * Fluent config has been used to prevent compilation warnings * Adapted the config files to ISPN 5 : Correct version has been set to the config files header, replication timeout has been set explicitly to prevent warnings, wakeUpInterval has been moved from eviction to expiration and the new transactionManagerLookupClass has been set * TestISPNCacheWorkspaceStorageCache and TestJBossCacheWorkspaceStorageCache have been moved to and to to be easily excluded since they fail due to their conflict dependencies

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EXOJCR-1425: Close all database connections, Fix conf

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EXOJCR-1416: Get rid of any call to InitialContextInitializer.recall()

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EXOJCR-1359: PROBLEMS during functional testing: test TestUserTransaction is in failure. 1. The unit has been modified in order to suspend the current Tx before calling for the parent remove in order to prevent being enlisted to the global tx 2. To be able to fails even with MyISAM, the parent node is removed before before commit 3. TransactionableResourceManager.isGlobalTxActive returned true even if the tx was suspended which is a wrong behavior 4. MVCC has been enabled in the config to prevent any deadlocks on global Tx 5. The resource-connector has been added to the dependencies with the scope set to test since it is necessary when we want to test the JCR with JOTM 6. Removed Incorrect Override annotation

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JCR-1622: make bonita tag

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JCR-1502 : The data source "testDbCleaner" was added in single db configuration for test. The TestWorkspaceRestore was added in excludes.

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JCR-1491: Use can perform versionable operation checkin/checkout/restore etc event he hasn't permission to system workspace

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JCR-1485: fix sjdbc configuration

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EXOJCR-939: DBCleanerService test added

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EXOJCR-897 : Registration node types for TestImport to single DB was added.

EXOJCR-865 : Registration required node types in single DB configuration for testTEstImport was added.

EXOJCR-598: xmls reverted

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EXOJCR-598: force.query.hints config parameter added

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EXOJCR-532 ArjunaTransactionService renamed to JBossTransactionsService

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EXOJCR-500: update configuration

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EXOJCR-469 single-db configuration ArjunaTransactionService used

EXOJCR-469 disable FileCleaner logger DEBUG in tests

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EXOJCR-310 database dialect detection (and for VCAS and conf persister)

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EXOJCR-400: trunk merged with JBCCACHE rev. 1119-1517

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EXOJCR-165: valid XMLs committed

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EXOJCR-163 module name changed, project moved

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