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EXOJCR-1239: improve ACL permissions

EXOJCR-1370 : fixed SNS move issue. Also ItemReferensePool issue fixed, that may cause some perf decrease, since ItemReferencePool was not updated before.

EXOJCR-1443: tests - escape symbols in workspase name fixed.

EXOJCR-1448: Some code in jcr-ext require to be privileged

EXOJCR-1447: Copy only jar-files in tomcat lib directory

EXOJCR-1435: fix tomcat exo-configuration

EXOJCR-1416: add param to tomcat exo-configuration

EXOJCR-1435: release notes

EXOJCR-1435: change dep to trunk

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.14.0-CR4

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EXOJCR-1435: change dep to tag

JCR-1647: backported 'release' profile (patch proposed)

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EXOJCR-1413: [Perf] ItemDataTraversingVisitor#visit(NodeData node) continue to visit deeper althought onParentVersion=IGNORE

JCR-1630: update WebDavServiceImpl to escape characters while MOVE.

Problem description

* In jcr 1.10.12, it is impossible to copy or move a file when the destination path contains space characters (see JCR-1628).

This problem is not reproduced in jcr 1.12.9-GA, but for easy maintenance, the same fix is applied also to jcr 1.12.x.

Fix description

* Update WebDavServiceImpl. Destination header might contain unescaped characters. If Exception has come during URI building, try to escape characters and build URI again.

* Add unit tests in TestMove and TestCopy.

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EXOJCR-1434: FileCleaner in BackupManagerImpl should be used from proper RepositoryContainer

EXOJCR-1443: Review tests in jcr-ext project

EXOJCR-1443: Review tests in jcr-ext project

JCR-1650: patch proposed

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EXOJCR-1414: Lists stored into the cache can be inconsistent in cluster environment

EXOJCR-1429: reverted performance regression made by r2599 commit. removed some unnecessary privileged wrappings

JCR-1649: patch proposed

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EXOJCR-1425: Close all database connections, Fix conf

EXOJCR-1436: IndexReader release added to LuceneQueryHits

EXOJCR-1436: doUpdateRO and doUpdateRW redundant IndexReader get and release replaced with releaseMultiReader

EXOJCR-1435 : Unit test was fixed (for working on OS Windows)

EXOJCR-1425: Close all database connections

EXOJCR-1439: Add getCurrentRepositoryName method to RepositoryServiceImpl

EXOJCR-1435: fix tests

EXOJCR-1416: Get rid of any call to InitialContextInitializer.recall()