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EXOJCR-1819: remove duplicated blocks

Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/exodev/jcr

EXOJCR-1765: revert changes, use getItemData for asking hasNode and hasProperties

JCR-1726: Add bookId to JCR Ref Guide

EXOJCR-1888 : Use InternalNode JBossCache interface to avoid invokation of interceptor chain

JCR-1751 : committing a proposed patch. Use InternalNode JBossCache instance to avoid interceptor chain invocation.

JCR-1751: Method getSize of JBossCacheWorkspaceStorageCache disturbs cache eviction

Problem analysis

* Traversing JBoss cache to calculate the number of alive nodes forces their refresh because of read access. It resets TTL of the nodes and their eviction is delayed. When calling getSize() more frequently than TTL of JBoss Cache entries, they will remain in memory causing a memory leak.

Fix description

* Problem was fixed by using internal JBoss Cache instruments that skips invocation of Interceptor Chain on read access and thus doesn't influence the eviction mechanism. Cache nodes are peeked from DataContainer directly without refreshing TTL timeouts.

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EXOJCR-1886 : fix comment for AddDependenciesAfter.

JCR-1749 : apply DocTeam patch. Fix comment for AddDependenciesAfter.

JCR-1749 : Fix comment for AddDependenciesAfter.

Merge branch 'master' of github.com:exodev/jcr

EXOJCR-1883 : Get rid of IdGenerator in RepositoryCreationService

EXOJCR-1884: performance issue with MySQL InnoDB

JCR-1747 : use secure random instead of IDGenerator in RepositoryCreationService.

JCR-1747 : use secure random instead of IDGenerator in RepositoryCreationService.

JCR-1742: removed excessive forcing indexes, improved JDBCUtils.tableExists method

EXOJCR-1427: proper exception handling

EXOJCR-1190: support different icons for files and folders

Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/exodev/jcr

EXOJCR-1595: remove unnecessary classes

JCR-1742: Performance issues met with MySQL InnoDB

Problem analysis

- PLF with MySQL InnoDB starts very slowly.

Fix description:

- Fix contains two improvements: forced index for query and rewrote query for table checking existing.

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JCR-1742: forcing index for MySQL

Merge branch 'master' of github.com:exodev/jcr

EXOJCR-1839 : upgrade to ISPN 5.1.4 (requires: commons-pool 1.6, JGroups 3.0.9)

CCP-1242 JCR-1718: Query causes memory leak when fetching a large result set

Problem analysis

* Access permission is checked for all contents.

Fix description

* If "document-order" parameter is set to false in QueryHandler, access permission will not be checked

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JCR-1713: Clean CacheableWorkspaceDataManager.java.orig

Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/exodev/jcr

EXOJCR-1876: fixed profiles for backup tests

EXOJCR-1880: fixed log4j12 scope to make it available for binary assembly dependency set; removed stale excludes

EXOJCR-1855: javax.jcr.PathNotFoundException: Node not found /.. in eXo Platform JCR browser sample