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[maven-release-plugin] [EXOJCR-XXX]prepare release 2.2.5-GA

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EXOJCR-1011: Now most of the value of the parameters can be set thanks to variables defined in the file loaded by the PropertyConfiguration which is by default configuration.properties in GateIn. Refer to the doc for more details

KER-164: Now most of the parameters can be defined in the file loaded by the PropertyConfigurator which is configuration.properties in GateIn

EXOJCR-967: Parameters allow-failover and retry-timeout have been added

EXOJCR-967: Revert last change, the SingleMethodCallCommand must only allow public methods

EXOJCR-967: The SingleMethodCallCommand only forbids private method calls

EXOJCR-967: Parameters for JGroups needed for some Linux Distributions added to the pom file

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EXOJCR-967: We now allow to listen to any topology changes

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.2.5-GA_REL

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare branch 2.2.5-GA_REL

EXOJCR-967: The method isCoordinator has been added

EXOJCR-996: Merge performance improvements

JCR-1473:merge performance improvements

EXOJCR-977: support different files for different InitialContextBinder instances

EXOJCR-967: Extends the timeout to prevent issue with TestRPCServiceImpl.testSeveralNodes

EXOJCR-967: Implementation of the RPCService

EXOJCR-988: StandaloneContainer.initConfigurationURL fixed

JCR-1466: StandaloneContainer.initConfigurationURL fixed

KER-163: Bug with the CachingContainer has been fixed

EXOJCR-984: Bug in CachingContainer fixed

KER-161: patch applied

KER-160: patch applied

KER-162: Adapt EXOJCR-974 for kernel 2.2.x

EXOJCR-974: ignore.unregistered.webapp has been added at PortalContainerConfig definition to be able to remain compatible with the requirements of EXOJCR 795 needed for PLF (implementation and doc about this parameter)

EXOJCR-974: Apply changes for JCR-1.12.3-CP01 and adapt it to remain compatible with EXOJCR-842

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.2.3-CP01

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EXOJCR-974: 2 main changes have been applied: 1. For all the webapp not defined in any dependency list, PortalContainerConfig.getPortalContainerNames will return the list of all the portal containers and PortalContainerConfig.getPortalContainerName will return the default portal container.

2. The default portal container is considered as a known portal even if it has not been registered thanks to a component-plugin

EXOJCR-975: change version to 2.2.3-CP01-SNAPSHOT

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.2.3-CP01

[maven-release-plugin] copy for branch 2.2.3-CP01