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BPMSPL-132 - [GSS-RFE] Introduce scope attribute for Event / JBPM-4417 - Make RuntimeManager to listen to events

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BPMSPL-111: auditing task updates changes

BZ-1224395 - Can't start process using CorrelationPropertyInfo using different values (key already exist) - test case

BPMSPL-143 - Ability to search by partial CorrelationKey

JBPM-4658 - RuntimeDataService getProcessById incorrectly returns single ProcessDefinition while it should return list

JBPM-4657/BZ-1223097 - RESTWorkItemHandler does not work with Custom Model

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Upgrade from commons-lang to commons-lang3

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GUVNOR-2173 - retrieving referenced resource information from BPMN2 resources

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GUVNOR-2173 - jbpm-{bpmn2,flow,flow-builder} modifications (in order to retrieve referenced resource information from BPMN2 resources)

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- renamed AbstractBaseTest to AbstractKieServicesBaseTest

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GUVNOR-2173 - retrieving referenced resource information from BPMN2 resources: tests

JBPM-4656 - Distinguished names not handled by LDAPUserInfoImpl

JBPM-4625 - Generation of JPA enabled models - utility process event listener to support variables persistence upon process instance completion

adjusting test that runs in CDI container and thus has single startup procedure as compared to non CDI once per test case

JBPM-4655 - Pass CommandContext to getWsClient and getDynamicClientFactory methods.

jbpm-bpmn2: cleaning up compensation BPMN2 files

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BZ-1230881 fix adding dtable resources in SimpleRuntimeEnvironment

SWITCHYARD-2583, BZ-1199256 Switchyard component can not tell difference between CSV/XLS

- initial AdHocProcessService implementation

- Adding support to start a process instance with a

ParentProcessInstanceId associated to it

[DROOLS-751] fix failing tests

[DROOLS-751] fix jbpm compilation issues

[DROOLS-751] add propagation queue

(cherry picked from commit 87c5b6f122f84022f90d3fb2b595aaef8269fb34)

JBPM-4461 - multiInstanceLoopCharacteristics non correctly managed

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Use the same timer delay in process marshalling tests

* the higher delay is safer on slow machines and makes

the test more stable

* in ideal case the test should be rewritten to remove

the unreliable Thread.sleep() calls, but that would

be much more time consuming and not worth the effort

for this branch

jbpm-executor: run tests in own forks to avoid random test failures

* some of the tests were (randomly) failing, because they were

influenced by tests running before them in the same VM. This is

usually sign that the tests should be rewritten and fixed,

but that would take much more time. Having them executed in own

forks is good enough solution for now.

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JBPM-4630 - Duplicate timer triggers inside multi-instance subprocesses - test cases that proves it works correctly

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Fix typo in test names

JBPM-4576 - Make RuntimeManager api working without persistence

JBPM-4524 - jbpm-kie-services should export org.jbpm.kie.services.impl.model

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JBPM-4621 - Implement async continuation for process - refactor to avoid process definition changes

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