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Add more tests for LDAPUserGroupCallbackImpl and LDAPUserInfoImpl

JBPM-4617 - The type of process variables are not be recognized by process

Remove version definition from root POM - jBPM does not have own version anymore

* all KIE projects now share common version, so the <version>

definition in the root pom only complicates things and the

comment is also a bit misleading

JBPM-4611 - Duplicate Timer calls by a Boundary Timer inside a MultipleInstances (cherry picked from commit 486103f4cf0be2bdd86037480436c75887162fcc)

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JBPM-4611 - Duplicate Timer calls by a Boundary Timer inside a MultipleInstances

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JBPM-4621 - Implement async continuation for process

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Release resources in case of exception thrown in tearDown method

RHBXMSQE-352 - refactoring + two new testcases

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JBPM-4620 - Enhanced functionality for ServiceTaskHandler

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- Fixed error getting registering forms on FormManagementService that are stored inside packages.

JBPM-4516 - Implement async throwing signal events / BZ-1168416 - Implement async throwing signal events

BZ-1213755 - ejb: synchronization service ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when syncing deployments

JBPM-4616 - Support for globals with #{name} construct so it can be used in data input assignments

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BZ-1212366 - Timer process with 0s delay does not finish on WAS

- FormManagementService not defined for EJB services which caused all ejb services to fail on kjar deploy

JBPM-4608 - jbpm-services: definition service does not provide type information of the variables

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JBPM-4607 - Allow to inject kieContainer into registrable items (e.g. work item handlers)

BZ-1209479 - Cannot query REST interface of business central from a REST task that uses default RestWorkItemHandler

- FormManagementService not defined in tests which caused most of jbpm services test to fail

BZ-1211177 - Explicit process instance migration doesn't work properly

- Refactored FormManagementService in order to allow rendering specific forms for task on adhoc tasks

JBPM-4604 - Added possibility to give node mapping for process instance migration by node names.

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JBPM-4599 - Centralize (dynamic) query code

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BZ-1201785 - com.google.protobuf.InvalidProtocolBufferException exception is thrown while loading stateful knowledge session - additional change required in jbpm repo due to change in drools code

- adding deploymentId to TaskFluent

- adding set form name to TaskFluent

BZ-1210257 - Using 'var' parameter in Remote Query API results in exception

- adding support for CDI Deployment Services in FormsManagerS

- adding app scoped FormManagerServiceCDI

- initial commit for form manager services