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JBPM-5824 - Aborting HT after Ad Hoc Completion Condition throws SessionNotFoundException (#786)

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JBPM-5777 - Case stakeholders' permissions are not propagated to stages, JBPM-5762 - Triggering an unavailable adhoc task does not fail in REST API (#784)

JBPM-5757 - Replace status List<Integer> with List<Status> in CaseRuntimeDataService operations (#781)

JBPM-5759 - Document as JavaDoc that the operation getCaseFile should not be accessed via CaseInstance (#785)

Upgraded versions for release 7.0.0.test

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change hibernate auto ddl warning logging when dropping tables on empty db

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[DROOLS-1484] move SessionPseudoClock to public kie-api (#782)

JBPM-5717 - Support for multiple kie-servers hosting different kjars sharing the same database (#780)

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JBPM-5710 - KIE Persistence Cleanup (#757)

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Upgraded versions for release 7.7.7.test

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renaming organization to kiegroup (#779)

JBPM-5732 - conditional events do not work as expected when using : org.kie.api.runtime.process.WorkflowProcessInstance() construct

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RHBPMS-4652 - conditional events do not work as expected when using : org.kie.api.runtime.process.WorkflowProcessInstance() construct

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Remove redundant property already defined in kie-parent

JBPM-5765: Update installer to latest eclipse Neon and BPMN2 Modeler

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Add DB driver to Failsafe plugin's classpath

- update jbpm-installer to wildfly 10.1.0.Final

Change Java delegation model from parent-first to parent-last on tomcat 8

Specify default schema for ejb test application

Remove duplicate dependencies

JBPM-5441 - When a timer is triggered the user unknown does not have permission to access asset which requires a specific role

distribution: remove no longer needed installer assembly

The jbpm-installer is properly mavenized, so there is no need

to keep this one around.

[DROOLS-1431] enable property reactivity by default

RHBPMS-4637 - 'Runtime manager is already closed' in Timer thread on BPMS shutdown

upgraded to 7.0.0.Beta7

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Update persistence provider in a test application

JBPM-5727 - SQLGrammarException is thrown when getTasksAssignedAsPotentialOwner() method is called

RHBPMS-4638 - SQLGrammarException when retrieving user tasks

[DROOLS-1446] make BoundIdentifiers to accept a PackageBuildContext (#764)

RHBPMS-4543 - Error during async work item handler complete may wrongly lead a sucessful command to be executed twice