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Adding hibernate.cfg.xml to jbpm-gwt


docs update - designer support for as7

fix for emfext test

update to installer designer version

JBPM-3316: Add extension model for process imports and globals

The seam version should be inherited from the droolsjbpm parent pom. (see discussion in https://github.com/droolsjbpm/jbpm/pull/24 )

small update to designer chapter

Faster release process: Release version should not be hard coded in the reference manual

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add new emf extension module for bpmn2

emf extension module for bpmn2

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designer chapter update

Fix for JBPM-3280

Merge pull request #20 from cristianonicolai/jbpm_3280

Fix for JBPM-3280

applying pull request to master

Merge pull request #18 from cristianonicolai/jbpm_test


Moving hibernate persistence config to test resources

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JBPM-3313: Setting process variables only works within command context

updated designer doc images

JBPM-3312: Update Designer section of the docs

Mad btm max poolsize larger in order to ensure test success.

Fixed test class so that each test can be run independently of eachother (processInstances.size() retrieved at beginning of test for comparison)

The drools 5.3 release won't have a jbpm release => update master to reflect that and flush out bugs now instead of Monday

comment on what is a good version and what is not

fix OSGi-bundles + running in non-oracle JDK: don't use sun.* packages

JBPM-3301: Add AgendaEventListener to process session that fires rules on afterRuleFlowGroupActivated event

Added appropriate lines to .gitignore files for various test data and test log files

Last bugfixes (pom cleaned up, typo in PersistenceUtil)

Fixed typo (extra space) in password field in datasource.properties files.

Fixed oracle datasource property logic (URL not url)