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Removing sysouts

Merge pull request #33 from vmiklos/master

docs: spelling fixes

docs: fix spelling errors in the console chapter

move drools master to release on jbpm master again (undo the hack for the drools 5.3.x releases)

JBPM-3375 - Store the ksession id in TaskData

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increasing the max wait value to 10 min

droolsjbpm-parent is not 5.4.0-SNAPSHOT

console handling when guvnor is not running

Updating evaluation example in exported repository

fixing jbpm-examples project files

console guvnor connection updates

JBPM-3370: Clean up dependencies in jbpm-gwt

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JBPM-3367: GuvnorConnectionUtils does not compile under Java 5

update to designer docs to reflect changes for JBPM-3333

Fixing compilation issue

Fixing compilation issue

BPMN2-EventBasedSplit2.bpmn2 - timeCycle should be formal expression

relativePath causes out-of-date problems on hudson slaves

exclude all jms tests temporarily

update to guvnor docs

console updates specific to guvnor integration

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drools 5.3.0.CR1 will be released without a jbpm release, so depend on jbpm 5.1.1

mvel's version on the branch is specified in multiple places => fix to keep them in sync

Prepare drools 5.2.2-SNAPSHOT and jbpm 5.1.2-SNAPSHOT

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temp. disabling jms tests

JBPM-3353 Store the process id in TaskData

temporarly undo the hack to make sure drools can be released without jbpm, so master can build and run again

Extending work item

Updating docs for Spring

JBRULES-3146 rules with timers do not persist (cherry picked from commit 0c132992f179faf1bc9190f8964a3f1fcada58cb)