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BPMSPL-37-attachment-support: added jbpm-document module to allow attach documents to tasks

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BZ-1082128 - LocalTaskService : transaction handling inside CMT - improvement (but not 100% fix) to log the cause exception in case this occurs

BZ-1082717 - Add remote API operations to get process definitions in a deployment unit

JBPM-4326 - TaskRule service does not allow to reason over task variables

BZ-1087474 - BlockingQueryGenericResponseHandler instances not removed from BaseClientHandler.responseHandlers map when using TaskService.query

BZ-1083918 - HornetQTaskClientHandler creates HornetQ ClientProducer for each message

BZ-1080806 - HornetQTaskClientConnector not acknowledging received messages

BZ-1075850 - Terminate end event doesn't terminate subprocess

Minor test correction for last commit

BZ-1052054 - BPMN process doesn't appear in jBPM console after recreating package in Guvnor

JBPM-4328 - Unify asynchronous operations execution to utilize jbpm executor (JBPM-4329,4330)

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JBPM-4328 - Unify asynchronous operations execution to utilize jbpm executor (JBPM-4329,4330)

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upgrade to 6.1.0.Beta3

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BZ-1090467 - 'Deployment of unit failed: Cannot find ksession with name' doesn't help to identify the problem

JBPM-4322 - GetProcessInstanceIdByCorrelation fails with hibernate 4.3

- updating taskaudit entities to auto increment id

removed duplicate references in persistence.xml to



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- fixing support for stop/fail/exit audit task

- updating listener to deal with exit, skip, stop

- adding task audit classes in installer persistence.xml

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- update to dashboard url in installer

- add missing task audit class in persistence.xml

- adding some additional commands

JBPM-4320: Persistent meta-data in BPMN2 process

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Removing unused dom4j dependencies because they can cause classloading problems.

Fixed grammar on feedback related to human task status exception messages.

upgrade to 6.0.3-SNAPSHOT

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JBPM-4314,DROOLS-192 Remove 4.x legacy API

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merged changes from task-list-refactor2-search to rebased master

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BZ-980832 - jBPM validator ignores a missing name attribute on the interface element