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RuleSetNodeInstance should pass null variable values to DMN (#1434)

JBPM-8248 - Create DDL drop scripts for supported databases (#1442)

set hibernate version to hibernate-4ee7 (was, wls) (#1439)

Fix jbpm-workitems tests to run with JDK 11 (#1437)

Fix jbpm-in-container JDK 11 tests (#1435)

AF-1685: Development Lifecycle Streamline (#1424)

* AF-1687: Align with 'kie-server' with development mode

* - Disposing runtime after abort process instance

- Fixes

* - Added code suggestions

* AF-1813: [Development Lifecycle Streamline] Error after another deploy of snapshot project with active instance

- Code improvements

JBPM-7951 Remove patched tomcat-dbcp (#1375)

JBPM-8155 - New preprocessor in custom queries (#1417)

upgraded to 7.18.0.t040

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JBPM-8200 - Unify QueryContext count handling in Hibernate (#1432)

RHPAM-1854 - add new feature to mask the original sender's address. (#1431)

RHPAM-1836 - Incorrect syntax in Sybase DDL scripts (#1430)

Index changes to address deadlocks on MySQL based on support feedback (KBase #3063771) (#1426)

upgraded to next development version

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removed again RestGeoCodeApiCallWorkItemHandlerTest.java since an erroneous PR brought this in (#1428)

Align JAXB and JAXWS APIs with Wildfly (#1394)

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JBPM-7923 - Upgrade of hibernate to align with WildFly 14 (#1425)

(cherry picked from commit 38b75153305a5563c799723431b298b0a2783239)

replaced hibernate-jpa-2.1-api by javax.persistence-api

removed dependency since duplicated classes were found

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Upgraded versions for release 7.17.0.Final

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JBPM-8000 - update jbpm workitems so can be used in workitem repository (#1423)

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BAQE-814 - Change revapi to check against 7.14.0.Final (#1413)

update to >= comparison at testPrioritizedJobsExecution (#1415)

Stabilize ElasticSearch test (#1414)

JBPM-7632 - Enhance process definition data including timers and nodes (#1402)

RHPAM-1761 Bulk abort throws an exception when called on several subprocess instances (#1406)

Fix ErrorHandlingTest and AsyncContinuationSupportTest to query also QUEUED jobs (#1412)

JDK11: Include javax.activation:activation to elastic search (#1411)

JBPM-8120 - Case Data is inserted twice in springboot (#1410)

upgraded to 7.16.0.t039

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upgraded to next SNAPSHOT version

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upgraded to 7.16.0.Final

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