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Merge pull request #127 from psiroky/docs-wid-ext

Updated docs: use .wid instead of .conf

- updating out-of-date test

JBPM-3913: Exception handling tests (and clean up of other bpmn2 tests)

- Tests for the SignallingTaskHandlerWrapper + Event Subprocess improvements

- Tests for passing event contents to event subprocesses

- Added the ExceptionService class that's used in the BPMN2-ExceptionServiceProcess* files

- Moved some tests from JUnit 3 to 4 (@Test instead of "extends TestCase")

- Remove duplicate TestWorkItemHandler implementations and refactored it to it's own class

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- adding a few more utility methods to trigger nodes

- updating out-of-date test

Fixing scope to entity managers of Execution Service

JBPM-3913: Modified and added new WorkItemHandlers for exception handling

- also cleaned up invalid and unused code in jbpm-workitems

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JBPM-3913: Extended support for event handling in event subprocesses

- event contents are now passed to the event sub-processes

- extended support for <error> and <signal> (and associated (error|signal)EventDefinition elements)

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    • +41
JBPM-3913: Handle all exceptions in process instances with ExceptionScopeInstances if appropriate

JBPM-3939 - Merge session mgmt approaches in jbpm services

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BZ909202 - [One-Off Patch] Enable password encryption for user credentials on jBPM configuration files

change mechanism for bootstraping emf and em

fixed tests that failed with enabled persistence

- fixing some failing bpmn2 persistence tests

- re-adding wrongly removed code

- some test improvements

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- initial Non CDI tests working

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make email notifications service optional

modified query so tasks assigned to more than one actor are returned

additional enhancements for deadlines - email notifications

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
added email notification listener for deadlines

Minor fixes to the documentation

ported auto claim based on swimlane actor id

ported recently added task queries

usergroupcallback refactor

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fixing production db testing, updating maxResults in ht queries

move CDI ht handler to workitem and create inital SessionManager interface that shall be shared

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Set next development version: 6.0.0.-SNAPSHOT and uberfire 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT

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Set release version: Drools 6.0.0.Alpha9 and uberfire 0.2.0.Alpha2

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
Set release version: Drools 6.0.0.Alpha9 and uberfire 0.2.0.Alpha2

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.