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Align JAXB and JAXWS APIs with Wildfly (#1394)

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JBPM-7923 - Upgrade of hibernate to align with WildFly 14 (#1425)

(cherry picked from commit 38b75153305a5563c799723431b298b0a2783239)

replaced hibernate-jpa-2.1-api by javax.persistence-api

removed dependency since duplicated classes were found

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Upgraded versions for release 7.17.0.Final

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JBPM-8000 - update jbpm workitems so can be used in workitem repository (#1423)

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BAQE-814 - Change revapi to check against 7.14.0.Final (#1413)

update to >= comparison at testPrioritizedJobsExecution (#1415)

Stabilize ElasticSearch test (#1414)

JBPM-7632 - Enhance process definition data including timers and nodes (#1402)

RHPAM-1761 Bulk abort throws an exception when called on several subprocess instances (#1406)

Fix ErrorHandlingTest and AsyncContinuationSupportTest to query also QUEUED jobs (#1412)

JDK11: Include javax.activation:activation to elastic search (#1411)

JBPM-8120 - Case Data is inserted twice in springboot (#1410)

upgraded to 7.16.0.t039

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upgraded to next SNAPSHOT version

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upgraded to 7.16.0.Final

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DROOLS-3355: Improve Assembler/Weaver API (#1393)

* assemblers

* move jbpm to assemblers

* moved to assembler

* wip

* wip

* revert

* fix style issues

* whitespace

* moved assemblers, weavers to jbm-flow

* use create API to create package in weaver

* do not parse resource twice

* minimal change: report dialect-related errors

* style issues

JBPM-8087 - Avoid duplicate listeners call when retriggering node instance (#1400)

JBPM-8094: Process state should be STATE_ACTIVE in beforeProcessCompleted event (#1405)

JBPM-8102 - Update workitems definitions in repository (#1408)

JBPM-8085 RESTWorkItemHandler PATCH operation support (#1397)

Stabilize DBUnavilabilityExecutorTest (#1404)

upgraded to 7.16.0.t038

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update to readme (#1401)

    • binary
    • binary
[JBPM-5215] Reuse deployment descriptor classes from common jBPM module (#1372)

removing the common classes provided by kie internal and refactor imports in other classes

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RHPAM-1729 - Errors in server log when importing sample projects

JBPM-8042 - NPE when updating timer instance using a node without name (#1392)

[RHDM-709][RHPAM-1453] upgrade mvel version (#1396)

add runtime type for wid parameters and results (#1391)

RHPAM-1691 - Error while cancelling command, RHPAM-1687 - Reoccuring command not executed after temporary database unavailability (#1386)

RHPAM-1760 - Error handling of script tasks with async mode enabled (The process doesn't stop after an Exception when the "AsyncMode" environment entry is "true")