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AESH-282 Interpret arrow key sequences correctly in Win.

This ensures that arrows keys consisting of control characters,

like 224;72 for up arrow are interpreted correctly on Windows.

[AESH-277] seems that on specific os's/keyboards kend and khome is used for home/end key values.

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Merge pull request #94 from stalep/aesh-96


[AESH-96] most bugs should be fixed and this should hopefully fix the issue on windows

Updated build.gradle with Main-Class manifest entry

Aesh JAR is now an executable (through java -jar)

[AESH-96] need to rewrite how æsh handles line addition/removal since jansi fails when using some ansi codes when windows terminal buffer is full

Merge pull request #93 from danielsoro/patch-1

[AESH-266] Console return command Not found.

[AESH-266] Console return command Not found.

Console return command not found with environment variables

Merge pull request #92 from danielsoro/AESH-269

[AESH-269] Change List<Process> to Map<Integer,Process>

[AESH-269] Change List<Process> to Map<Integer,Process>

codestyle fixes...

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more cleanups

code cleanups, added final on variables ++

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Merge pull request #91 from eprogramming/contrib

unit test coverage

syntax cleanups

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unit test coverage

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codestyle + cleanups

Merge pull request #88 from eprogramming/AESH-264


Merge pull request #89 from danielsoro/AESH-260

[AESH-260] Not load System.getenv() on forge.

[AESH-263] commands can now execute other commands by pushing to the input stream

[AESH-265] added error stream

[AESH-260] Not load System.getenv() on forge.

[AESH-263] command should not be able to put themselves in the background and foreground

[AESH-263] added foreground and background status for processes

[AESH-263] added pid to ConsoleOperation and CommandInvocation