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WELD-1446 Excluding org.osgi.core in weld-osgi tests, OSGi classes conflict with Felix OSGi classes

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WELD-1444 updating weld-osgi examples containers versions so it works on OSGi 4.3.1

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WELD-1444 clean up weld-osgi examples, using maven properties

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    • +153
WELD-1072 Change ShutdownManager so that it's not a CDI bean

WELD-1215 Make sure other place in the code also catch LinkageError

[WELD-1215] Complete the fix for missing nested classes and other possible class loading anomolies

WELD-1407 Removing hard coded versions for third party libraries from OSGi bundles. weld-osgi-core-extension

WELD-1407 Removing hard coded versions for third party libraries from OSGi bundles

WELD-1408 Fixing OSGi bundles stop process (broken since WELD-1307)

WELD-1406 Weld-osgi-core-mandatory/integration should export/import org.jboss.weld.interceptor

WELD-1407 Fixing hard coded weld version in OSGi bundles

Fix typos in messages


Upgrade to cal10n 0.7.7 (this fixes '\:' appearing in messages instead of ':')

WELD-1368 Don't return bridge methods from getWeldClass()

Upgrade to CAL10N 0.7.6

AS-6583 this caused significant performance regression

Group deps into core-parent.

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Sync on remove.

Fix proxy class visibility.

Always load from origin bundle.

Explicitly add deps on all CDI packages -- for CDI API instances service events lookup.

Fix how service events lookup its classes.

Merge gnodet's 1307 and 1313.

Refactor OSGi tests

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WELD-1095 Document unsafe instantiators

Upgrade to OSGi 4.3.1.

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    • +85
Add concrete class test.

[WELD-1170]; allow non-interfaces to be exposed as injectable osgi services.