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bump to 1.1.6

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SWITCHYARD-2120 - Fix to make project pick up Java version correctly from the pom.xml

bump tycho version to support mvn 3.1

bump to 1.1.5-SNAPSHOT

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SWITCHYARD-1942 - Fixed misspelling and finished externalizing strings

SWITCHYARD-1944 - Fixing issue with binding socket value entry

SWITCHYARD-1945 - Updating FTP binding UI, operation selector, initial cheat sheet - also added FTPS and SFTP changes

SWITCHYARD-1938 add support for netty binding needClientAuth setting

bump to 1.1.4-SNAPSHOT

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bump to 1.1.3-SNAPSHOT

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SWITCHYARD-1930 allow users to edit type param when creating message composers

SWITCHYARD-1929 allow users to select xml files for soap endpoint config

bump JBTIS TP to 4.1.5.Final

back to 1.1.2-SNAPSHOT

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SWITCHYARD-1855 - Adding default ESBService name for ESB interface in InterfaceControl

SWITCHYARD-1896 add proper error handling around version discovery

SWITCHYARD-1761 - Adding ability to remove multiple transforms at once

SWITCHYARD-1878 - Updating label of Rules impl on palette

bump to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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SWITCHYARD-1655 preserve pom.xml structure when updating sy components

SWITCHYARD-1875 set switchyard.xml encoding to UTF-8

SWITCHYARD-1872 - fixing issues with JPA advanced binding (model), JMS and Mail bindings, plus Quartz binding

bump to 1.1.1

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SWITCHYARD-1856 do not create duplicate transformers of different kinds

SWITCHYARD-1863 - Removing CHANGE_SET from resource types supported in BPM & Rules implementation properties

SWITCHYARD-1862 - Adding validation for JCA outbound JNDI name being required

bump to 1.1.0.Final

SWITCHYARD-1859 fix validation problems with nested projects

SWITCHYARD-1854 fix schema catalog for ws schema namespaces

SWITCHYARD-1851 improve merge code to properly match transformers