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ISPN-10940 JPA deleteBatch should not pass empty collection to CriteriaDelete

ISPN-10928 SecurityException: ISPN000287: Unauthorized access: subject 'null' lacks 'ADMIN'

ISPN-10924 JPA cache store (with async enabled) will log Exceptions in DEBUG for deleteBatch and is not able to remove entries from the store

ISPN-10890 Upgrade to Netty 4.1.43.Final

next version 10.0.2-SNAPSHOT

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Releasing version 10.0.1.Final

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Only attempt to commit proto.lock files if changes have been made

ISPN-10878 does not propagate properties

ISPN-10877 REST API consistency fixes

ISPN-10876 NPE when using PutMap with listener

ISPN-10876 Reproducer

ISPN-10867 AsyncStoreWithoutEvictionFunctionalTestsegmented creates data directories in core directory

ISPN-10865 NPE if DefaultCacheManager ClassWhiteList utilised on component start()

ISPN-10861 Fix InfinispanQueryIT Failures

Create a SerializationContextInitializer for the test entities.

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ISPN-10866 Force Infinispan Wildfly extension to use jboss marshalling

ISPN-10863 java.lang.IllegalAccessException logged by PropertyFormatter

* should not attempt to access static or non-public methods and should

mark them accessible to prevent eventual cross-module accessibility

checks from failing

ISPN-10862 SpringCache unwrapping NullValue singleton fails with Java Serialization

ISPN-10722 Mgmt console: home page load fails in case secured cache container

ISPN-10856 Proto compatibility check missing from query module

ISPN-10857 Add infinispan-jboss-marshalling to server distribution for transcoding

ISPN-10856 Proto lock files not committed during .Final release

Moving the stage to before checkout, so the proto.lock commit is not lost.

ISPN-10856 Manually committing proto.lock files for 10.0.0.Final

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ISPN-10860 Attributes with DataType.TRAIT are not metrics

ISPN-10852 Upgrade to protostream-4.3.0.Final

next version 10.0.1-SNAPSHOT

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Releasing version 10.0.0.Final

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ISPN-10244 Observability: Split RestMetricsClient from the RestClient interface

* move metrics to /metrics because /rest/v2/metrics was not following the spec

ISPN-10833 Client ConfigurationBuilder contextInitializer methods should be consistent with core

ISPN-10833 Client ProtoStreamMarshaller intitialization should happen on RemoteCacheManager start

ISPN-10832 SerializationConfigurationBuilder::addContextInitializers overwrites existing entries