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TEIID-5409 fixing the regression that revered the direction of the join

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release teiid-parent-10.2.3

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fixing batched planning for upsert or any update that requires a

compensating procedure by checking the plan for each command


ensuring proper handling of large sets from prepared statements by

expanding the isAllConstant check to include any expressions (references

in this case) that will become constant


expanding the convertmodifier check used to determine pushdown support

TEIID-5398 moving the unicode function specifically to sql server

TEIID-5390 fixing the leak of inode/data blocks

TEIID-2465 updating the performance test

TEIID-5378 correcting to use the session level temp table store

TEIID-5377 correcting rcte typing # Conflicts: # connectors/jdbc/translator-jdbc/src/test/java/org/teiid/translator/jdbc/oracle/TestOracleTranslator.java


correcting and expanding the logic dealing with dependent joins over


TEIID-5368 allowing the json parser to work with larger numeric values # Conflicts: # engine/src/main/java/org/teiid/json/simple/Yylex.java

TEIID-5366 correcting the sql string logic

TEIID-5357 correcting the auto-naming

TEIID-5354 fixing sum(literal) planning with aggregate decomposition

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release teiid-parent-10.2.2

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TEIID-5347 changing the unit test as nameFormat is not supported

TEIID-5347 fixing ddl property handling

TEIID-5345 fixing dependent join predicate planning

TEIID-5342 fixing issue with first data row number

TEIID-5339 correcting vertica null sorting and the sort validation

TEIID-4784 allowing alters to work correctly # Conflicts: # engine/src/main/java/org/teiid/query/QueryPlugin.java

TEIID-5336 improving the previous fix to add service dependencies

TEIID-5335 generalizing view removal with window functions

TEIID-5334 adding a better char mapping

TEIID-5333 addressing fk ordering issue

TEIID-5331 fixing lead/lag

TEIID-5330 fixing analytical resolving