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next version 11.0.4-SNAPSHOT

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Releasing version 11.0.3.Final

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Committing 11.0.3.Final to doc attribute file

next version 11.0.3-SNAPSHOT

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Releasing version 11.0.2.Final

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Committing 11.0.2.Final to doc attribute file

ISPN-12194 Transport::getSitesView() should be ordered

ISPN-12146 Fix CLI Stats NPE

ISPN-12141 minor doc updates

ISPN-12135 Upgrade Netty to 4.1.51.Final

ISPN-12109 blocking call

* Add BlockHound exceptions for JGroups w/ TCP transport

* Add BlockHound exception for Log4j2

* Remove property infinispan.cluster.stack from all profiles

ISPN-12097 Invalidation Cache with a shared store doesn't work properly after new SPI changes

next version 11.0.2-SNAPSHOT

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Releasing version 11.0.1.Final

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Committing 11.0.1.Final to doc attribute file

Revert "ISPN-11566 Add StatefulSetRollingUpgradeIT to unstable category"

This reverts commit e16b337a0eaa388cc39993a122e0d330e0de8c9f.

ISPN-12065 Add org.infinispan.feature.anchored-keys feature flag

ISPN-12068 Add Chunked File handler to the HTTP/2 pipeline

* Also use ARM for RandomAccessFile

ISPN-12067 HTTP/2 framing error for invalid requests

ISPN-12067 Reproducer

ISPN-12065 Add the anchored-keys module to the server

- infinispan-anchored-keys added to bom

- AnchoredKeysIT added

ISPN-12064 Reproducer

ISPN-12064 REST server returns 403 (forbidden) for same origin request

ISPN-12060 WildFly modules integration tests do not work on WildFly 19

Add missing org.wildfly.extension.microprofile.config-smallrye

extension to the test WildFly configuration.

ISPN-11974 Remove GenericJbossMarshaller automatic configuration

* Update test to not use jboss marshalling media type

ISPN-11566 Add StatefulSetRollingUpgradeIT to unstable category

ISPN-12059 CliIT allow external module use

ISPN-12058 wildfly/feature-pack module doesn't build

Move branding Ant script to phase process-resources,

after maven-resources-plugin has copied the files.

ISPN-12030 Use to avoid blocking on JDK8

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    • +2
ISPN-12056 Some tests are failing on windows when they try to delete the SingleFileStore