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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release teiid-parent-11.1.2

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TEIID-5589 using the correct unique key for joins # Conflicts: # olingo/src/test/java/org/teiid/olingo/TestODataIntegration.java

TEIID-5584 TEIID-5525 defaulting to not enforce # Conflicts: # engine/src/main/resources/org/teiid/query/i18n.properties

TEIID-5573 allowing for a trailing / to work

TEIID-5572 correcting the file indexing


preventing optimizations involving non-null aggregates without a group


TEIID-5566 fix to ensure makedep is honored after altering the join tree

TEIID-5567 fix for makeind on the outer side of a join

TEIID-5564 removing all potential unchecked exceptions from batch access

TEIID-5550 fix for inappropriate dup node removal over join

TEIID-5544 fixing the term for teiid annotations # Conflicts: # olingo/src/test/java/org/teiid/olingo/TestODataIntegration.java

# Conflicts:

# olingo/src/test/java/org/teiid/olingo/TestODataIntegration.java

TEIID-5541 correcting the no projection, but a streaming path case

TEIID-5541 disabling projection when root() is used


narrowing the commands used to determine usage

correcting the marking of columns as accessible to be localized


adding a materialization of pg_attribute with an index to speed up the

pg index metadata query

# Conflicts:

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestJDBCSocketTransport/testSelect.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestMMDatabaseMetaData/testGetFunctionColumns.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestMMDatabaseMetaData/testGetFunctions.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestODBCSchema/test_PG_ATTRDEF.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestODBCSchema/test_PG_ATTRIBUTE.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestODBCSchema/test_PG_ATTRIBUTE_overflow.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestODBCSchema/test_PG_CLASS.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestODBCSchema/test_PG_INDEX.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestODBCSocketTransport/testSelect.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestSystemVirtualModel/testColumns.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestSystemVirtualModel/testFunctionParams.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestSystemVirtualModel/testFunctions.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestSystemVirtualModel/testProperties.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestSystemVirtualModel/testTables.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestVirtualDocWithVirtualProc/testDefect15241b.expected

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.

further fix for inappropriate projection minimization when the cte is

nested in a view

TEIID-5532 fix for inappropriate projection minimization

TEIID-5529 allowing for evaluatable predicates to be pushed

TEIID-5525 adding details about the system property to the message # Conflicts: # engine/src/main/java/org/teiid/query/QueryPlugin.java


adding a flag to optionally enforce the single buffer max

increasing the default estimate of max size

TEIID-5517 correcting dependency logic with nested procedure

TEIID-5486 making sure the srid is preserved

TEIID-5485 correcting the wrong output from a nested table join

TEIID-5482 preventing client issue reading an update count

TEIID-5483 correcting polygon and other output # Conflicts: # olingo-common/src/main/java/org/teiid/olingo/common/ODataTypeManager.java

TEIID-5474 removing redundant embedded test

TEIID-5479 correcting aggregate pushdown metadata

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release teiid-parent-11.1.1

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  1. … 102 more files in changeset.