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JBTIS-419 - updating site build pom

SWITCHYARD-2608 - one last test tweak

SWITCHYARD-2608 - One final test tweak

SWITCHYARD-2608 - Update validation test

SWITCHYARD-2591 - Checkstyle updates

SWITCHYARD-1888 - Adding additional validation message for interfaces with multi-parameter methods (unsupported)

SWITCHYARD-2501 - Updates to ensure that connecting objects are in place prior to losing data...

SWITCHYARD-2577 - More updates for the Luna-based build

SWITCHYARD-2577 - Updating to the Luna TP

Merge branch 'bfitzpat-robstryker-SWITCHYARD-2515'

Merge branch 'bfitzpat-robstryker-SWITCHYARD-2514'

Merge branch 'bfitzpat-SWITCHYARD-2518'

SWITCHYARD-2515 - Making the patch work with Kepler (and fixing checkstyle errors)

SWITCHYARD-2518 - Fixing ESB control adapter so it reacts to empty fields correctly and clears input, output, fault

SWITCHYARD-2515 - Do not block UI forever if m2e load project is blocked or frozen

SWITCHYARD-2515 - forgot to update manifest.mf

SWITCHYARD-2514 - check for any facet that is a member of modules, not just utility project. Remove check on packaging type

SWITCHYARD-2514 - Checkstyle fix

SWITCHYARD-2514 - check for any facet that is a member of modules, not just utility project. Remove check on packaging type + checkstyle fix

SWITCHYARD-2424 - An update to fix a threading issue

SWITCHYARD-2508 - Update target namespace and package names if project name changes on previous page of new switchyard project wizard

SWITCHYARD-2500 - Updates to SCA Binding for Prefer Local (see SWITCHYARD-2009)

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SWITCHYARD-2409 - Added constraint validator for composite service names

SWITCHYARD-2491 - Fix for browse of operation selector class

SWITCHYARD-2487: Replace compiler plugin configuration with properties

Task-Url: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SWITCHYARD-2487

SWITCHYARD-2436 - Fixing issue with target runtime selection

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SWITCHYARD-2391: Create log4j.xml file in src/test/resources when creating new SwitchYard projects

Task-Url: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SWITCHYARD-2391

SWITCHYARD-2296: WSDL import not recognised when selecting contract interface in SY tooling - persisting selected wsdl file as well as port type

Task-Url: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SWITCHYARD-2296

SWITCHYARD-2291 - One final approach to the job waiting issue and a fix for a NPE if you cancel the build request dialog

SWITCHYARD-2486 force SwitchYard Context View to use logical structures

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