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Fixed formatting in

Fixed NullPointerException when sending error

Potential null pointer exception, if error was introduced without

throwable as source.

Updated to new version 2.4.6-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 2.4.5.Final

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Fix ERRAI-779: Ignore meta tags added to template fragments in GWT 2.6.1.

Fixed SSE reconnection logic

Fixed ERRAI-754: Broken pipe errors on WildFly 8

Fixed/Introduced backoff logic for SSE

Added cause for rethrown classloading exceptions so they can be diagnosed

Use logger to report InterruptedException of scheduler thread

Fixed ERRAI-764: Bus thread not stopping on shutdown

Temporary fix for Weld 2.1.2 until ERRAI-700 can be addressed

Updated to new version 2.4.5-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 2.4.4.Final

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Upgrading to latest jboss-integration-platform-parent

Allow java.util.Date as @Param type

Removed unneeded war directory

Removed logger that's not used

Undoing backoff logic in ClientMessageBusImpl.init() because it was interfering with a weld-integration test

Note that the original TransportHandler backoff is still in place, as is the test that protects it.

Fixed ERRAI-687: gradual backoff during reconnect attempts

I've introduced a test for this in the 404 error case. Unfortunately, there is logic in the client bus that does different things depending on the specific status code in the response. Testing all HTTP status codes is unfortunately prohibitive: it takes about 20 seconds per test, so we'll have to settle for partial coverage.

The new test also uncovered a problem with HttpPollingTransportHandler: it wasn't actually cleaning up all its timers when the bus told it to stop. This is fixed now too.

The fixes I made to the code itself, then:

* ClientMessageBusImpl.init() will now delay for a growing amount of time when there hasn't been a successful connection attempt in a while

* Fixed leaking timers in HttpPollingTransportHandler that persist after the bus has stopped and apparently thrown the whole transport handler away

It would be nice to randomize the existing throttling mechanism in the transport handlers. It would be even nicer to wire the transport handlers into the bus's own backoff mechanism, since the various handlers seem to operate independently at the moment.

Work in progress on the bus retry backoff fixes + tests

Resetting mappings during refresh to pick up newly added portable types

- This broke about a year ago: 63e9fd5637d433b1d2939b87060b3ac5cd1b65a6

New fix for ERRAI-689: EnabledByProperty annotation should not be a scope

Handle null when converting Strings to primitive wrapper types

Handler empty String in built-in converters for BigDecimal and BigInteger

Fixed ERRAI-681: NPE when binding null List field to ListWidget

change ordering of generated methods in jaxrs proxies to improve readability

Allow for the use of different callback types in JAX-RS interceptors and actual call sites

Updated to new version 2.4.4-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 2.4.3.Final

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