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Changed version numbers for 3.0 milestone 1 release

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SessionsContainer should not include its contents when it is serialized

Fixed queue session expiration: now when you close a single browser tab, the rest remain fully operational

Enhanced bus stress test to also test passive observation of server broadcasted messages

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Fixed bug in server-side sync: was returning requested object rather than merge target; this has stale version column

Fixed several bugs in entitiy comparator; added lots of tests for cases that were failing

Added data sync to javaee all module

Merge pull request #53 from jbarop/isProdMode-in-generator

Remove unreachable logging statement

Ensured WrappedPortable is always considered

Fixed @PathParam support containing reg. expressions

Remove unreachable logging statement

GWT.isProdMode() always returns false. It will only be replaced by the GWT compiler which will never happen for rebind code.

data-binding: test for default no-arg constructor before generating optional initialization code

Merge pull request #52 from jbarop/missing-licence-header

Added missing license headers

Added missing license headers

The files I've created in my last 2 pull requests were missing the license headers.

Resolved ERRAI-565: nested maps with certain combinations of key types are not demarshallable

Removed validator generator rule from TODO list demo

Added ValueImage to Errai UI

Removed unneeded ValidationFactory

Added a startup bean that ensures the user table has a password column

Tested and working with PostgreSQL and H2 DB.

Removed custom GWT email validator (now part of errai-validation

Put @Ignore on TestConstraintValidator

Merge branch 'validator-factory-generator' of

move CallableFuture<T> back to client package. also, remove unnecessary parameter from createFuture().

Merge branch 'data-sync'

Disabled AsyncRPCServicesTest.testAsyncRPCCall() due to non-translatable API problems

Now disabling sync button while sync is in progress

code cleanup and docs

add more documentation to IOC

errai-cordova-maven-plugin now also copying .css files