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Remove the Http11NioProtocol that we don't support.

Port buffering fix for character output.
- Filter out multibyte chars when writing a char chunk.
Fix for JBWEB-201

Back to dev :D

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Release CR2

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Add changes informations.

I will do the release :-(

- Port listener timing patch.
- Improve use of the encoder and decoder maps.
- Port JBWEB-187 fix to avoid NPE.
- JBWEB-200: Port the tag classloading tweaks from 7.
Arrange the solaris logic... We need the versions...

Allow the new jbossnative simple packages.

47371: Fix empty string to number conversion (should be converted to 0).
- Fix bad Tomcat port (not totally accurate but probably good enough).
- Fix setting the read only attribute, the type was not right.
- Increase max wait to 300s.
- Filter out invalid locale header.
- Rebase Jasper from the 7 branch's Jasper to pull in all fixes.
- CR1 first.
- Add back 3 patches to 3.0.
- Branch 3.0 for AS 6.
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