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Updated to new version 3.1.3-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 3.1.2.Final

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Replaced another occurence of CopyOnWriteArraySet

Added missing null check for package name

Replacing CopyOnWriteArraySet with Set/ConcurrentHashMap for faster contains check

Update javadoc for URLPattern

Remove redundant invalid page path integration test

Allow any characters (including '/') in a page state value.

Added compile time check for invalid page path.

Updated tests for non-ASCII characters in page path.

Allow usage of non-ASCII characters in URL.

Fix to be able to resolve back referenced collections

- This also contains a cleaner workaround for potential object id

collisions (see previous commit)

Avoid resolving object from cache if value is present in payload

- This actually works around a possible object id collision because

some marshallers like BigDecimalMarshaller use the object's hashcode

as id where they really should use ctx.getObject() to ensure a unique


Improved logging docs, see ERRAI-822

GWTClass cache now retaining classes that can't change between refreshes

More codegen/rebind performance improvements

- Improved String building performance in AbstractMetaClass.hashString

- Cached the super class in JavaReflectionClass

- Optimized ClassScanner when processing reloadable classes

cleanup: removed now unneeded null check

Perf. optimizations for classscanner

- Caching reloadable classes, class names and packages

Added test case to check for multiple variables in URL segment.

Add support for non safe url chars in path parameters.

Allow for caching of parameterized GWTClasses

Replaced outdated SliderBar with a ValueListBox for map notification radius.

ListWidget: optimization to avoid rendering on item change

Exclude IOCEnvironmentImpl when checking if cache valid

Avoid looking up cache once for every GWTClass instance

Performance improvements for codegen/metaclass

- Caching GWTClass instances, getMethods(), getInterfaces()

and getPackageName() within one rebind phase

Credits go to Josh Blinick ;)

Added documentation for TranslationService and @TranslationKey.

Fixed ConcurrentModificationException, +refactoring for BindableListWrapper

Removed unused dependencies, updated versions and fixed index.html issues.

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Fixed ERRAI-838: NPE in CDI extension with CDI beans in root/default package