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GTNPORTAL-3526 Upgrade to use JCR 1.16.1-GA

GTNPORTAL-3521 Use the same title for select permission popup window

GTNPORTAL-3520 Potential dupication of UI component's id when edit layout

GTNPORTAL-3515 Should refresh data in Membership management form without relogin

GTNPORTAL-3514 Fix NotSerializableExceptions in OrganizationPortlet components

GTNPORTAL-3492 Providing an extensible searching for skins in SkinService

Revert "GTNPORTAL-3507: Update test case from PLIDM-46 to gatein-portal code base"

This reverts commit f3a823e4b43468b25d11475988e96551d8cd194d.

GTNPORTAL-3504 Upgrade Picketlink IDM to 1.4.5.Final

GTNPORTAL-3507: Update test case from PLIDM-46 to gatein-portal code base

GTNPORTAL-3508: Imported applications are public by default

Fix description:

* When adding an application into a category, the access permission to this application is restricted to administrators group.

* The same default permission is applied to categories and applications imported in batch by clicking "Import Applications".

GNTPORTAL-3498 - Fix for errors on TestSocialNetworkService

GTNPORTAL-3365.1 Exception swallow in UserDaoImpl.persistUserInfo()

GTNPORTAL-3490 Add missing i18n keys in Services Management gadget (3.7.x)

GTNPORTAL-3489 MembershipDAOImpl]ORA-00001: unique constraint (IDM.SYS_C0015551) violated

GTNPORTAL-3488 Do NOT log ERROR for client abort exception

GTNPORTAL-3486 Redirect to /sso instead of /login when SSO is enabled

GTNPORTAL-3482 Deprecated class of UserImpl

GTNPORTAL-3481 Remove empty java class files

GTNPORTAL-3474 Items in status list are displayed in english

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 3.7.1.Final

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GTNPORTAL-3472 NPE in PicketLinkIDMServiceImpl.getIdentitySession during startup when eXo MBeans are invoked

GTNPORTAL-3471 impossible to edit a disable user

GTNPORTAL-3450: Impossible to upload file in Content Explorer when tmpdir does not exist

Fix description:

- When uploading a file, check if tmpdir exists. If not, create it

GTNPORTAL-3448 Failed authentication on service REST after a session timeout

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Upgrade JCR 1.16.0-GA

GTNPORTAL-3403 Custom validator of page node name

GTNPORTAL-3441 XSS vulnerability in UIFormTabPane

GTNPORTAL-3410 Templates-cache is not share between nodes in cluster

GTNPORTAL-3445 XSS vulnerability in UIForm