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Updated release notes for 3.7.4.Final

Merge pull request #1125 from rhauch/mode-2212

MODE-2212 Corrected the way namespaces are read from storage

MODE-2212 Corrected the way the namespaces are read from storage to properly handle same-name-siblings (which are only used for generated namespace prefixes.

MODE-2212 Create test case demonstrating failed persistence of generated namespaces

Merge pull request #1120 from rhauch/mode-2210

MODE-2210 Enforce ACL checks in Session.getNodeByIdentifier and Session.getNodeByUUID.

MODE-2210 Enforce ACL checks in Session.getNodeByIdentifier and Session.getNodeByUUID.

Previously these methods were simply just looking up the nodes and not enforcing ACLs.

This change corrects that oversight, and ensures that only nodes for which the session

has read privilege (via normal permissions or ACLs) will be returned.

Because the path is not known at first, this change also refactors the session's

methods to check the permissions to no longer require a Path instance to be determined

prior to calling these methods. Instead, a `PathSupplier` can be provided when the path

is not yet known, and the supplier implementation should determine the path if needed.

This is important, because the path is not needed for normal role-based permissions checking

and is needed only when ACLs or custom authorization providers are used.

Merge pull request #1117 from hchiorean/MODE-2173

MODE-2173 Fixed the checking of READ permissions for nodes retrieved from queries.

MODE-2173 Added an additional fix for the RowIterator: since rows are lazily loaded (as opposed to nodes) if ACLs are enabled, the RowIterator#size method will return -1 (unknown)

MODE-2167 Fixed the calculations which determine the number of ACL changes for a given node, turning ACLs on or off.

MODE-2173 Fixed the checking of READ permissions for nodes retrieved from queries.

Changed snapshot version to 3.7-SNAPSHOT to more accurately reflect the branch.

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Merge pull request #1116 from hchiorean/MODE-2206

MODE-2206 Fixed the way the children with a given name are counted for a node which has transient changes.

MODE-2206 Fixed the way the children with a given name are counted for a node which has transient changes.

MODE-2207 Corrected the initialization of manual sequencers.

Updated release notes

MODE-2201 Ported the actual fix for handling jar based repository URLs.

MODE-2201 Corrected the handling of non-file based URLs when reading configurations.

Added a new test to read a configuration from a JAR file to verify the behavior works correctly.

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Changed to 3.8-SNAPSHOT

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Rebased on latest 3.x and added back explicit versions to the EAP assembly.

Fixed POI version from the BOM.

MODE-2168 Added support for EAP 6.2 and refactored the name of the EAP kit.

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MODE-2200 Corrected the behavior of the FederatedDocumentStore and how it accesses binary metadata documents.

The fix for this uncovered another issue. By default, ModeShape replaces large string values with binary

values stored in the binary store. But when a connector (in particular the Git connector) builds a node

document with a large string, ModeShape was swapping the large string with a binary value and attempting

to update the reference count. Rather than doing this, ModeShape should not be replacing the connector's

large strings used as property values with binary values. Amended the commit to include a correction to

the `Connetors` class that always passed to the connectors a `DocumentTranslator` instance with a maximum

Long value for the large string size parameter, thereby preventing the connectors from replacing large

strings with binary values.

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MODE-2175 Changed the vendor.url property so it doesn't get messed up in the productization process

MODE-2097, MODE-2169, MODE-2197 Integrated the latest version of the jboss-integration BOM. This commit includes changes for multiple different issues that snowballed: - packaging Javadocs in a zip - updating Apache POI In addition, after integrating the BOM a number of unit tests had to be updated to reflect changes in dependencies both from a functionality perspective and from a deprecation perspective. The most significant change there was the rewriting of the ConnectorTestCase (modeshape-jca) because the new versions of Arquillian + IronJacamar hold filelocks on Windows:

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Added cleanup code for a number of tests which weren't cleaning their data and which, if ran in a particular order, would fail. This problem was fixed in prod and 4.x and is exposed by changing the JDK version.

MODE-2194 Fixed a number of other issues around the DB binary store; refactored the test profiles and added a generic DB test for both ISPN and binary storage; completed testing against: H2, MySQL 5.5, PostgreSQL 8.x and 9.x, Oracle 10g and 11g and MS SqlServer 2008 R2.

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MODE-2194 Changed the way the DatabaseBinaryStore interacts with JDBC connections and statements: each statement & connection will be closed on a per-operation basis. The only exception is reading the binary stream from a DB, in which case the connection & statement will be closed only when the stream is closed.

Updated release notes for 3.7.2.Final

MODE-2179 Fixed the streaming of binary values for MS SQL Server.

MODE-2125 Fixed data type conversions for the local JDBC driver.