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Implement default helper resource cleanup - fixes BYTEMAN-349

correct helper lifecycle processing -- fixes BYTEMAN-348

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correct and document new LinkMap API -- fixes for BYTEMAN-347

update LinkMap api to support retrieval of all keys/values -- fixes BYTEMAN-347

rollover versions for 3.0.11 release

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work round half-arsed 'fix' to jar plugin

the plugin now refuses to run extra jar goals without a classifier

because it has decided that will overwrite the default jar product

it does this even when configuration of a final name (not to mention

output dir) means that there is actually no clash between the default

goal target and the extra goal targets. sheer, incompetent, half-arsed

stupidity has won again. bah humbug and don't even mention Tiny Tim.

so as a workaround for this nonsense we have to generate the test

module jars using a "lib" classifier and reference them from the

module.xml using the suffix "-lib".

fix lint errors in javadoc generated for help mojo with a sledgehammer

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re-enable asciidoc generation

upgrade plugins and remove unnecessary dependencies

handle backslash as per Java during string tokenizing -- fixes BYTEMAN-346

Merge pull request #63 from ochaloup/BYTEMAN-345-dtest-instrument-instance-concurrency-fail

[BYTEMAN-345] dtest instrument instance concurrency fail

[BYTEMAN-345] method traces to be safe being added in a concurrent fashion

Enhancing API of Instrumentor.instrumentClass calls

Merge pull request #62 from sweatybridge/hotfix/socket-signed

always close socket after agent listener replies -- fixes BYTEMAN-344

always close socket after agent listener replies

Signed-off-by: Han Qiao <>

roll over pom versions for 3.0.10 release

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fix BYTEMAN-336 ddocument downcast in BIND

fix for BYTEMAN-340

corrected typo in docs

rolled over versions for 3.0.9 release

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document new -m option to bminstall

Merge pull request #60 from Sanne/various

Resolving various build issues

Merge branch 'master' of

fix downcasting for BYTEMAN-388

Building the documentation requires JDK8

Distribution assembly needs to be created after the documentation is built

Avoid illegal '<' character in javadocs

Upgrade plexus-utils to 3.0.21 to avoid SNAPSHOTS in the build

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Merge pull request #59 from fmiguelez/master

Added support for older jboss-modules (1.2.0) and new "-m" option for byteman -install