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Change package and rename the PortletAppManager -> PortletDeployer

Update to 0.8.0-beta6

Update to 0.8.0-beta5

Remove garbage files

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Fix missing for edit permissions

Fix test failure for portal module

Edit page properties when creating new page

Fix minor bug

[Edit inplace] implement ui for page-permission management

Require jquery for sitemap.js

Update testcase for portal.arquillian

Update portal.web testcase

edit default oauth url to localhost

Fixbug: google-oauth link successful but not displayed in UI

add config for UserProfilePortlet to portlet.xml in portal/packaging

Upgrade httpcomponents to 4.3.1 for htmlunit 2.13

Fix twice request when switching layout on composer

Fix a minor UI broken issue

Create user profile portlet allow user manage linked-oauth-account

Add configuration for SecurityService and SecurityStore

Use AmdPlugin to manage js & seperate layout-view.js to several files

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Use SecurityService to save Page

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Fix Logout menu item

Update to Juzu 0.8.0-beta4

Allow SecurityService to save several edit-permission instead of single one

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Edit inplace: improve composer with improve UI and simplify filter

Update to juzu 0.8.0-beta2

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Improve create new page && edit current page propperties

Validate new page form only once when doing next action & be able modify page properties in edit phase of create new page

Implement SecurityService for GateIn4

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