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Next is 4.0.36.Final

Prep 4.0.35.Final

Add GitHub Actions CI (#469) (#474)

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[EJBCLIENT-376] Remove session open invocation from InvocationTracker at the end of EJBClientChannel$SessionOpenInvocation.getResult execution (#471)

Co-authored-by: Flavia Rainone <frainone@redhat.com>

Ejbclient 356 4.0 (#470)

* [EJBCLIENT-356] Add ability to set a short timeout for additional nodes

* [EJBCLIENT-356] Eagerly return node information in discovery

Return information eagerly, so that if one node is

badly behaved additional information can still be


Includes a 'black hole' test, where a socket is opened

that does nothing, to emulate a network where the packets

are just going missing.

Co-authored-by: Stuart Douglas <stuart.w.douglas@gmail.com>

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Next is 4.0.35.Final

[EJBCLIENT-384] Upgrade xnio to 3.8.2.Final

Merge pull request #467 from spyrkob/EJBCLIENT-380_4.0

[EJBCLIENT-380] Additional logging for mismatched protocol/port confi…

[EJBCLIENT-380] Update to catch correct exception class

[EJBCLIENT-378] Make sure transaction related invocations are removed after response is received.

Next is 4.0.34.Final

Prep 4.0.33.Final

EJBCLIENT-375 Upgrade wildfly-naming-client from 1.0.4.Final to 1.0.13.Final (#464)

[EJBCLIENT-374][JBEAP-19488] Support filtering of unmarshalled classes in RemoteEjbService (#462)

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[EJBCLIENT-373] Don't throw XAException.XAER_NOTA in EAP6 <-> EAP7 interoperability scenario (#461)

WFLY-13132 Expose remoting connection associated with a ClusterTopologyListener. (#460)

[EJBCLIENT-370] Add a default impl to the EJBTransportProvider.close method so wildfly-http-ejb-client can compile without changes (#457)

[EJBCLIENT-380] Additional logging for mismatched protocol/port configuration

Next is 4.0.33.Final

[EJBCLIENT-369] Upgrade wildfly-discovery-client to 1.2.1.Final

Revert "[EJBCLIENT-369] Upgrade wildfly-discovery-client to 1.2.1.Final"

This reverts commit d3d1d7fc34aa787efde22e63223b32c86f02299f.

[EJBCLIENT-369] Upgrade wildfly-discovery-client to 1.2.1.Final

Merge pull request #454 from tadamski/EJBCLIENT-322

[EJBCLIENT-322] Global request compression configuration

[EJBCLIENT-364] Lazy HTTP discovery: notify discovery provider about missed target

Next is 4.0.32.Final

Upgrade wildfly-transaction-client to 1.1.10.Final

[EJBCLIENT-322] Global request compression configuration

Merge pull request #448 from TomasHofman/EJBCLIENT-365

EJBCLIENT-365 Env property takes no effect when value is Integer rath…

Next is 4.0.31.Final

Merge pull request #452 from tadamski/EJBCLIENT-361

[EJBCLIENT-361] Static blacklist only after java.net.ConnectException