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Don't assume void return type in caller when no callback passed in.

Keep keyUp property value after DataBinder.setModel is called.

Fix several minor issues (descriptions below).

* Add error messages for public fields in normal scoped beans (except @EntryPoint).

* Remove "Concrete" and "Abstract" from toString of Injectables.

* Add tests that lazily-loaded @Page and @Templated beans are in time.

* Don't use universal qualifier for Providers (only for ContextualTypeProvider).

* Add @IOCProducer annotation (for projects that don't depend on CDI @Produces).

* Make provider of ErraiEntityManager to producer so that it also matches EntityManager.

Remove pom references to errai-uibinder.

Enable async in grocery list demo and add @LoadAsync to more types.

Fix bean manager lookups of types from IOCProviders.

The universal qualifier used for Providers and ContextualTypeProviders

now has the same semantics for resolution at rebind and runtime.

The unused "unqualified" qualifier is now gone.

Fix issues found in errai-jpa-grocery-list demo (described below).

* Make IoC proxies extend WrappedPortable.

* Make Providers only match exact provided type (like ContextualTypeProviders).

* Make some types @EntryPoints so that they are eagerly loaded on startup.

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Fix handling of async cycles and other async CDI tests.

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
Support fragment identifiers for @LoadAsync.

Support loading async beans with other async dependencies.

Clean up unloaded factories after they are loaded in async bean manager.

Reduce amount of proxies required by handling producer cycles more like Weld.

IoC generation now fails when there is a producer in a cycle that uses

constructor injection. Producers in cycles that use field injection

continue to work.

Because of this change we no longer need to proxy @Dependent

scoped beans injected into constructors.

Fix async and caching bugs in IoC.

Don't generate registerAsync calls when async property is false.

Only call generate in FactoryGenerator if cache is invalid.

Remove commented out code in errai-ioc-async-tests.

Fix handling of generic parameters in GWTPrivateMemberAccessor.

Load async types with only sync dependencies.

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Don't add any classes from java.lang.* in MetaClassBridgeUtil.

Remove redundant async IoC tests and change IOC.getBeanManager() behaviour.

errai-ioc-async-tests now runs all tests from errai-ioc with

the async flag set to true. Duplicate tests have been removed.

When the async flag is set to true, IOC.getBeanManager() returns

as SyncBeanManager that is used internally by the AsyncBeanManager

(containing beans from all downloaded code fragments).

  1. … 36 more files in changeset.
Change HasPropertyChangeHandlers API.

Instead of having a removePropertyChangeHandler method,

adding a handler returns a PropertyChangeUnsubscribeHandle

which is used to remove the handler.

This fixes a previous issue where calling DataBinder.unbind before

DataBinder.removePropertyChangeHandler would not stop a handler

from receiving changes.

Refactor SyncBeanManager to use type names and not types themselves for lookups.

Merge fixes from branch 'master' into 4.0

Fixes for ERRAI-880, ERRAI-881, ERRAI-882, ERRAI-872, and ERRAI-876.

ERRAI-880: +Shorter names for marshaller inner classes in ServerMarshallingFactoryImpl.

The previous commit for ERRAI-880 only shortened the marshaller implementations on the client-side.

But from the description in ERRAI-880 the problem was actually the inner classes generated for the

ServerMarshallingFactoryImpl. This commit shortens those names.

Document marshalling property (added for ERRAI-880).

ERRAI-880: Make generated Errai marshaller class names shorter.

Use only initials for marshalled type package names encoded in marshaller impl class names.

Merge pull request #144 from lorinmetzger/ERRAI-872

ERRAI-872: Network failure during Sync

Allows caller to clear syncInProgress flag...

Merge pull request #142 from aaronanderson/ERRAI-878

ERRAI-878 - Errai Weld CDI EventDispatcher incorrect loading of application event classes

Fix for ERRAI-876.

Fire LoggedOutEvent when the user is set to User.ANONYMOUS

Fix for ERRAI-882.

Avoid deployement errors when DummyAuthenticationService is used.

Fix for ERRAI-881.

AbstractMetaClass.getBestCandidate now works correctly for array types.

Previously an invocation would only match to an overloaded method with

array parameters if the component type matched exactly.

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