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Metamer: autocomplete: Add @issueTracking test into Future group

Selenium updated to version 2.31

RF-11382: Metamer: add issue simulation

RFPL-2752:Metamer: add backward compatibility profile for WFK

Since there are some problems with WFK dependencies (at least metamer.war) it would be easier run tests without care about dep. using maven, and just use ones from somewhere on filesystem prepared before run tests.

New maven property "metamer.wfk.dependencies.dir" introduced, which has to point to dir where metamer.war and richfaces jars are placed. It requires no jars containing here if they cannot be copied into metamer's WEB-INF/lib folder.

RFPL-2752: Metamer: fix metamer deploy problem with bacward compatibility profile

Since richfaces 4.3 requires run JBoss AS with standalone.xml instead of standalone-full.xml as set in arquillian.xml in 4.2.x branch, it is required update arquillian.xml within backward-compatibility-testing profile to met this condition

RFPL-2752: Metamer: add profile for richfaces binaries replace

This profile provide ability to test backward compatibility. On current sources (ftests version) should be replaced richfaces binaries by version provided by "metamerapp.tested.version" variable before metamer.war is deployed into target platform and ftests performed.

fixed Checkstyle violation

test for value change lister excluded from test suite

tests for slider's JavaScript API fixed

RFPL-2691: Showcase fixing tests for editor Advanced configuration

Rewriten to Graphene2, also implemented test for auto focusing the

editor's textarea.

RFPL-2691: Showcase: Tests for Editor autosaving example fixed

Rewritten to Graphene 2 and also the test for autosave of editor


Page fragment for rich:editor added.

Only type method is working. There is also a preparation for referencing

editor buttons easily.

page-fragments: inputNumberSpinner pulled up an interface

metamer: testng-selenium2.xml updated

metamer: input number spinner tests conversion to Selenium 2, added some missing attributes tests, added JS API tests

metamer: input number spinner bean license fixed

metamer: input number spinner samples updated

metamer: input number slider test fixed

page-fragments: added fragment for rich:inputNumberSpinner

qa: added profile for remote glassfish container

RFPL-2691: Tests for Autocomplete custom layput fixed

metamer: inputNumberSpinner attributes license header updated

RFPL-2718: Add rich:panel page fragment

RFPL-2718: rewrite tests for rich:panel using webDriver

license headers updated

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license headers updated

license headers updated

added new script for updating licence headers

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copyright header updated in all xhtml and xml files

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copyright header updated in all Java files

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