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RF-13559: backport RF-13018

RF-13565: replace Guava io (backport from RF5)

Merge branch 'release/4.5.0.Alpha2' into 4.5.x

changing versions back to development: 4.5.0-SNAPSHOT (using RichFaces Core 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT)

added howto-release instructions and change-version script

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changing versions to release: 4.5.0.Alpha2 (using RF 5.0.0.Alpha3)

DropDownMenu: fixed reference to RichFaces.component

RF-13472: use TagHandlerUtils.FACELET_CONTEXT_KEY to avoid issues with inlining FaceletContext.FACELET_CONTEXT_KEY constant

RF-13496: fixing stackoverflow in TreeRendererBase and TreeNodeRendererBase

RF-13496: fixing stackoverflow in AjaxStatusRenderer

RF-13495: Adpated the component renderers to use the doEndocde*/doDecode* methods as required by RF-13494

RF-13239: Corrected the quotes in rf-pp-hdr CSS rule

RF-13358: Prevented panelMenuGroup expansion in ajax mode

RF-11973: Added a rich:ready listener to the context menu to re-attach it to the table when the table fires its rich:ready event

RF-13239: Fixed the background CSS property for the rf-pp-hdr class

RF-13455: Corrected a typo

RF-13455: Reverted the change introduced to the RenderExtendedVisitContext in RF-13107, and instead overrode the various toggle panel item visitTree methods to achieve the desired result.

switched back to current RF5 development version: 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT

fixed InplaceInputRendererTest that suddently started to fail

RF-13314: fixed AjaxResourceLibrary and ajax.reslib

RF-13314: deprecated ajax.reslib and base-component.reslib

RF-13314: expanded message/notifyMessage resource libraries to particular resources

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RF-13314: expanded base-component.reslib resource library to particular resource dependencies

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RF-13314: expanded ajax.reslib resource library to particular resource dependencies

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RF-13358: Checked that the menu item's parent group or menu was not disabled before decoding

RF-12813: Disabled the renderer decode for disabled panelmenu items

switched back to development version: 4.5.0-SNAPSHOT

changing version to release version: 4.5.0.Alpha1

change to release version of RichFaces Core 5.0.0.Alpha2

update release notes