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Removed skin attribute from rich editor in Metamer

page-fragments: actions: changed triggering of mouseout event, because it was throwing MoveTargetOutOfBoundsException

RF-13809 reproducer created

metamer: log: input is now cleared by default method

WFK2-744 reproducer created in Metamer

RF-13251 reproducer created

Arquillian profile for TomEE 1.7 added, profile for 1.5 removed

Weld servlet, Shrinkwrap descriptors and Joda time upgraded

metamer: added more aliases to some templates, refactored to use Set

Tomcat version upgraded to 8.0.11

metamer: jenkins profile improved (RFPL-3417) * profile refactored and renamed, now it is activated by the browser property * added TaskKiller * moved to qa pom

Showcase-webdriver-ftest removed

-Andorid tests are now supported via Dridium extension




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Reverted previously deleted verifySkin method as in 4.3.x it is still used

metamer: calendar: tests improved to work on Chrome

metamer: tab: header style testing united

Fixed test in TestSelect to target elem before assertion

metamer: orderingList: onblur: tests stabilization for Chrome browser

metamer: calendar, message(s): tests stabilization for Chrome browser

metamer: panel menu: event is now triggered by JS

metamer: input number slider: changed default @delay, removed its setting from some tests

RF-13777: Upgrade of Graphene to 2.1.0.Alpha1

metamer: editor: united testing of style, styleClass, title; removed unused method

metamer: orderingList, popupPanel, pickList, select, message, messages, treeNode: tests stabilization for Chrome browser

metamer: fixed rows testing

Maven plugins upgraded

Test refactoring, shorten run time of List row testing



metamer: testing of style changed to work also on Chrome * there was different order of style rules

Test updates/stabilization, some tests moved to future group

RF-13739 workaround added, all tests now pass

RF-13760, stabilized test for direction, created separate test for this issue