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ISPN-2426 putForExternalRead() does not unlock if entry already exists



ISPN-2454: The current SQL query that checks table existence is under optimized on big database

ISPN-2381 Use CHMV8.compute() to increment the lock's reference count

ISPN-2414 Minor adjusts for fixes to work in 5.1.x branch

ISPN-2414 Slim down get command to remove notifier and entry return

* Notifier is a singleton for the cache, no need to have a reference

in each of the get commamds, this is wasteful. Instead notify via the

call interceptor which is also a cache singleton.

* Remove wasteful returnCacheEntry boolean and instead have a subclass

of GetKeyValueCommand that is specialised in returning cache entries

instead of values. As well as saving memory, it's more OO-friendly :)

ISPN-2414 Set classloader in context only if really needed

Infinispan 5.1.9-SNAPSHOT

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ISPN-2414 Only set thread local when necessary

ISPN-2414 Create custom emptySet, emptyMap and emptyList implementations

* These custom implementations return a singleton Iterator instance

instead of creating a brand new one every time iterator() method is

called (i.e. a JDK5 style for loop).

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ISPN-2381 Locks are removed even if not successfully unlocked

* Add a lock() method to AbstractLockContainer

* Correct the OwnableReentrantLock#lock(owner) API

* Add reference counting to reusable per-entry locks to prevent constant re-creation during high contention

* Use CHMv8 computeIfAbsent and compute methods for atomic operations on locks

Update CHMV8

ISPN-2297 Create marshaller if not present to avoid NPE on restart

ISPN-2330 Class resolver should be set in @Start method, not in @Inject

Revert "ISPN-2379 BoundedConcurrentHashMap improvements"

This reverts commit a44f20850a5181ee9225a38b6ebabf24a6351883.

ISPN-2297 Cache restart doesn't work properly

Fix item 2 of the JIRA, update the component references in ComponentRegistry.

ISPN-2379 BoundedConcurrentHashMap improvements

ISPN-2379 BoundedConcurrentHashMap improvements

minor logging fix removing 3 double spaces

Print the actual owning thread in non-tx lock timeout exceptions

Bump to 5.1.8-SNAPSHOT

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ISPN-2265 Upgrade to JGroups 3.0.14.Final

ISPN-2260 Call shutdownNow on the cache view installation executor

This will interrupt the cache view installation threads blocked because the channel was already closed.

ISPN-2186 Ignore cache view commands from an old coordinator.

Needed for JBPAPP-9658

Bump to 5.1.7-SNAPSHOT

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ISPN-2217 Make all cache stores purge synchronously during tests



ISPN-2216 Upgrade to JGroups 3.0.13.Final

ISPN-2175 Make sure cache stores are set to purge synchronously for tests



ISPN-2215 Put back the ping on startup check on getCache()

Added a test that specifically addresses the situation where single node

in the server list is not available and ping on startup is disabled.

ISPN-2207 Increase the state transfer timeout in BaseReplicatedAPITest

Since we run many tests in parallel, 1 second is sometimes not enough.