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Fixing compilation issue

mvel's version on the branch is specified in multiple places => fix to keep them in sync

Prepare drools 5.2.2-SNAPSHOT and jbpm 5.1.2-SNAPSHOT

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JBRULES-3146 rules with timers do not persist (cherry picked from commit 0c132992f179faf1bc9190f8964a3f1fcada58cb)

JBRULES-3146 rules with timers do not persist (cherry picked from commit a9dbdb98cf118683a623f679c1a214be117f231a)

JBRULES-3146 rules with timers do not persist (cherry picked from commit f02f4c7e62d329f4c048f3519efb49a76498a9ad)

The method signature to org.drools.persistence.TransactionManager.commit() changed -- so that ManualProcessTransactionManager.commit() has to change. (Now, it passes the boolean parameter through to the super.commit(boolean) method. (cherry picked from commit 62916d6cb87b5c2307638e00ca253777984cd018)

update to jbpm-gwt-console pom

Merge remote branch 'origin/5.1.x' into HEAD

Bug 731702 - jBPM workitems module has dependency on snapshot artifact - removing finder dependency

alternative to cherry-picking c09c20be22e59b66307413e40225df53705532d9: The seam version should be inherited from the droolsjbpm parent pom. (see discussion in https://github.com/droolsjbpm/jbpm/pull/24 )

BRMS-626: Memory leak in knowledge base - removing kbase listener on dispose()

JBPM-3320: Console ability to look up processes and process assets from all available Guvnor packages. Should also work if Guvnor is configured to use Jaas auth

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Merge pull request #20 from cristianonicolai/jbpm_3280

Fix for JBPM-3280

Merge pull request #18 from cristianonicolai/jbpm_test


Fix for JBPM-3280

mvel version should be in sync with drools (master is immune for this problem)

Prepare for work on drools 5.2.1.Final and jbpm 5.1.1.Final (might not be released if not needed)

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Removing sysouts

Fixing installer configuration for release

Updating docs

Prepare drools release 5.2.0.Final and jbpm release 5.1.0.Final

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removing temporarily testHello test

Updating docs

Updated JPAProcessInstanceDbLog to reuse ksession environment

Updating documentation

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Preparing for release

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Updating jbpm eclipse download url

Removing System.out