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ISPN-8121 Add license stanza to root pom

BZ-1373412 - [GSS](6.4.z) TimeoutException when request ends up on non-coordinator node (invalidation cache, web session passivation and shared cache store)

ISPN-7461 Cache is not rebalanced on merge

BZ-1403018 Backport ISPN-4706 To EAP 6.4.x

ISPN-4546 More backport fixes

* Fix retrying for LockControlCommand

* Fix MergeDuringReplaceTest

* Partially fix ReplCommandForwardingTest and ReplCommandRetryTest

(The commit tests still fail, because the retried commit command finds

the transaction already completed.)

BZ1378875 ISPN-3702 Too many threads for cleaning up infinispan transactions

Use a global executor service for cleanups

BZ1378877 ISPN-4131 Lock acquired forever with delayed PrepareCommand

Keep track of the biggest transaction id we removed from the completed

transactions map for each node. If the incoming prepare command has a

smaller id, reject it.

Fix BaseOperationsDuringStateTransferTest

Block rebalancing via LocalTopologyManagerImpl, blocking

CacheTopologyControlCommand RPCs still allowed the rebalance to start

on the coordinator.

Fix ReplCommandRetryTest

It was assuming that non-transactional writes are retried in

replication mode, but that doesn't happen because replication doesn't

use lock delegation. Lock delegation was added for replication caches

with ISPN-2772.

Fix ReplCommandForwardingTest

It was assuming that remote nodes do not forward asynchronous

commands, but that change is part of ISPN-3357.

Fix logging in CheckPoint and TransactionInfo

Copy changes from TxDistributionInterceptor to ReplicationInterceptor

ISPN-2577 Silence SuspectExceptions

* Added support for when a primary owner dies while replicating

that the originator properly retries the command

* Also added check so originator wouldn't throw OutdatedTopologyException

during post Entry wrapping since it was already committed in owners

ISPN-6147 Provide option to invalidation on commit

* Enable invalidation on commit by passing


Revert "ISPN-5876 Invalidate keys on commit if 2-phase"

This reverts commit 4f9556ca8d9c8c136be721de778e7a277c7d7b59.

[ISPN-000196] Failed to recover cluster state after the current node became the coordinator [BZ-1283465] Failed to recover cluster state after the current node became the coordinator [GSS-01511582] ISPN000136 during concurrent start

ISPN-5876 Invalidate keys on commit if 2-phase

* Invalidate keys on commit if transaction is 2-phase, otherwise

invalidate keys on prepare.

Revert ISPN-3797: Put back the PassivationInterceptor

ISPN-5568 Use polling instead of sleep

ISPN-5568 KeyAffinityService race condition on view change


ISPN-5526 Extend test case to use numOwners=1 in DIST mode

ISPN-5526 Include changes suggested by dberindei and test case from remerson.

ISPN-5526 Replication: The DELTA_WRITE flag should force a remote get during state transfer

ISPN-4546 Fix retry for write commands in a transaction

* Retry write commands (and generated LockControlCommands).

TODO Retrying a write adds a duplicate command in the modifications list.

* Don't retry a tx command after it has succeeded on the originator

For a commit command, if there are new owners, they will receive the

updated values via state transfer. On the other hand, a retried commit

may not find the remote transaction on the new owners.

For lock and prepare commands, the new owners will also receive the

transaction via state transfer.

ISPN-4546 Retry transactional commands on topology changes or SuspectException

ISPN-4546 Use CacheNotFoundResponse when a target node left and the response mode was SYNCHRONOUS_IGNORE_LEAVERS

ISPN-3023 Re-implement BoundedConcurrentHashMap using CHMv8 designs

* Had to remove Equivalence support

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Allow multiple digits in the micro version

ISPN-3982 TransactionTable leaks memory when JTS is activated

* Some implementation has an unstable hash code. Use instead the identityHashCode()