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DROOLS-236: BZ-1000385: BZ-1000384: regenerating JBPMMessages with protobuf 2.5

JBPM-4069 XmlBPMNProcessDumper.dump() misses conditionExpression in sequenceFlow

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BZ909202 - [One-Off Patch] Enable password encryption for user credentials on jBPM configuration files

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Revert "Upgrade the jbpm-installer from jboss AS 7.0.2 to 7.1.1 (manual forward port of bfdd722f9660a9e0bc8d7a286e9ceccf2b673def)" because standalone.xml might need to be changed too

This reverts commit 300996bfb1303a45c882b8005338beeb69be6da2.

Upgrade the jbpm-installer from jboss AS 7.0.2 to 7.1.1 (manual forward port of bfdd722f9660a9e0bc8d7a286e9ceccf2b673def)

Fixing dependencies

Fixes to test HT across different databases

Removed spring tests (which have been moved to droolsjbpm-integration)

Removed spring test context.xml file

Adding test server process.workitem.wsht tests (cherry picked from commit 3b0ee406b98f4f4666f061ebc8ca46034fdce78d)

BZ 823773 - query compatibility with DB2 (cursor + tx problems)

Added documentation warning about the the query() method (allowing user-specified queries (cherry picked from commit 332beb246ca4d4532f694dce8f82fbc7d0e5c0fb)

BZ824427 - Human task service can't use .properties files for user/group configuration

BZ785185 - NullPointerException when accessing Process Overview and no package binary exists in Guvnor - fixed override

BZ-821922 - updated installer ProcessInstanceInfo.hbm.xml with fix as well (cherry picked from commit 2d41b59ea796421c2aab69842b8f3a525ff523d4)

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JBPM-3644: Enabling cross database testing for all tests in jbpm-bam

JBPM-3644: Making sure JPAWorkingMemoryDbLogger works with PostgreSQL

BZ-821922 - Removing BlobUserType and associated test classes. (cherry picked from commit 61d39e505c7998158fa3306a56ca0c31903db101)

Modified pom.xml files and 'test' persistence.xml files in order to test against various databases. (cherry picked from commit a6660208291e2782dcec79536f73b6e939450688)

BZ-821922 - Changing byte array type to PrimitiveByteArrayBlobType (cherry picked from commit 78e1a9cf10b1d03ae36c23bebd2b1783bf21667b)

BZ 821682: reverting changes to emf extension model

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updating designer version to 2.2.Final

BZ 820309: (test) overdue timers receive a null commandService when scheduled during ksession reloading (cherry picked from commit ac9a9cbe16fa398ad8175e70d0dba782d4808a67)

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BZ820210 - Could not initialize stateful knowledge session: loader constraint violation when using HornetQ task service strategy

- mvel workaround

- fixing hornetQ failing tests - defaulting hornetQ port to 5445 in all the tests and examples

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setting bpm console version to 2.3.5.Final

- fixing HT issues

- fixing jbpm-examples to close the hornetq threads