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[DROOLS-853] fix events propagation through a window node during an incremental compilation
[DROOLS-853] fix events propagation through a window node during an incremental compilation
I want to know your test method. I tested using 6.3.0 snapshot(kie-server and workbench), but rule didn't work. Please, let me know how to test.

I want to know your test method.

I tested using 6.3.0 snapshot(kie-server and workbench), but rule didn't work.

Please, let me know how to test.

[BZ-1044577] don't allow to call fireUntilHalt on a persisted session

[BZ-1044577] implement CommandBasedWorkingMemoryEntryPoint (cherry picked from commit 39f393ca2ef45507b45282fe642c058e015c6b40)

[BZ-1035338] add timeout for UrlConnection in UrlResource (cherry picked from commit 4506dc93eb3c2c276cb5e91c0350d283599928d2)

[DROOLS-376] avoid NPE on JPAKnowledgeService.loadStatefulKnowledgeSession() when Collection is modified (cherry picked from commit 0c6f1ce1f51b40c791fb1ccd952ffff3db0102f5)

DROOLS-236: BZ-1000385: BZ-1000384: fixing serialization when TMS is dinamically enabled/disabled (cherry picked from commit b3012f72c1548e1660c1446fdfbbc639be96db52)



SF-00809404 : updating type declarations, field accessors and OTNs in case of package classloader reload (cherry picked from commit 67cdbe4dff63f6bdaf423a61a80ab114325a7df2)




BZ913252, DROOLS-66 - fixing switch off URL caching issue (cherry picked from commit 4bc1e10009aa55c16f93c88e238e8fe462dbd65b)

DROOLS-65,BZ917787: fixing conditional to allow cache update altough client is restarted (cherry picked from commit 133058fd496fe002781ce533145a108520b6933d)

DROOLS-46: fixing kbuilder attach to an existing kbase (cherry picked from commit 8d50302f22543a847c2cb248a8fd624f732df7bf)




[DROOLS-4] fix out of order left tuples iteration

[JBRULES-3677] avoid to create new AgendaGroups during the unmarshalling process (cherry picked from commit 20fb29ff26092cca6420a0b60df5723f031144f7)

[JBRULES-3677] avoid to add the same AgendaGroup twice on the agenda focus stack

BZ-862325: adding test case (cherry picked from commit e089175281d55d30375a1d01c959dd958782e801)

[JBRULES-3673] merge bean and declared type annotations (cherry picked from commit 63dfb78c42122dcd6c695e5fb8ed845093d2872a)

[JBRULES-3655] dispose the ksession after having executed a command on the stateless session

BZ-862325: removing the skipModify optimization to avoid bug (cherry picked from commit 1a8db1048e51158994a0120f9cec9bba89253400)



[JBRULES-3562] rewire static methods implementing functions when MVELDialectRuntimeData is dirty (cherry picked from commit adfc099434098549d320dd7737af3da5e96a9b29)

[JBRULES-3630] load the Resources in a ChangeSet with the right ClassLoader (cherry picked from commit 6e76710e0a419e171a752b08e43ded10324078c6)

[JBRULES-3636] fix ConditionAnalyzer for complex constraints (cherry picked from commit b3f5f6fe0cdfe401e369ceaaa509f12ad7602d1f)

[JBRULES-3632] traverse ObjectTypeNodes in a deterministic order

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[JBRULES-3631] fix CCE when removing a rule containing a FromNode

Add back missing file.(cherry picked from commit b7874456028496aa30101fb6ec4b142bd8593d95)

BZ-802755: Fixing node sharing of PropagationQueuingNode (cherry picked from commit 1fc8c8a586640c713874bde82b25e8acb59731ac)

JBRULES-2438 - BUGZILLA-724313: Add spreadsheet name in rule name uniqueness for decision tables + testcase (cherry picked from commit b5ccc777699ebc971f56b511f20446d0680151da)

JBRULES-2438 - BUGZILLA-724313: Document warning in decision tables doc about multiple sheets using the same RuleTable name (cherry picked from commit 4e2abdd714387602bc325e6c84f867c66dba0153)



JBRULES-2438 - BUGZILLA: Test case to prove that multiple sheets are possible (still TODO: it should fail gracefully if multiple sheets use the same RuleTable name) (cherry picked from commit 643fba49913b8e01449981f7298ae1c58092b1e0)

BUGZILLA-852347 SudokuExample throws IllegalArgumentException (cherry picked from commit 83d945e6e365f52d474317da46ba1d49ecec00c1)

BUGZILLA-847052 - Closing 1 example shouldn't close the other examples too (cherry picked from commit 485eb2b4b2231f1510e5ded2feec23a64bbd69d0)