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BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Rebase on 5.9 Maintenance branch

TEST CHANGE ONLY: Make sure to null terminate the string

[JBTM-3210] closing connection during removal

[JBTM-3210] proceed recovery further with IllegalArgumentException

Updated to 5.9.9.Final-SNAPSHOT

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BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Make the || fatal consistent with the other fatal checks

JBTM-3201 Synchronize the loadClass test method

JBTM-3196 warn if no AIO

JBTM-3196 Upgrade to Artemis 2.9.0

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Fail the build if drivers cannot be obtained

JBTM-3195 Don't assert before all the threads return

JBTM-3194 All access to shared states is under the connections monitor so remove deadlock potential

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Increase the delay for slower nodes

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: The script can run under bash

JBTM-3188 Ensure lock store config uses the object store MBean

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Open the browser to assist with working out if the binaries are available

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: More stability to the release script

Updated to 5.9.8.Final

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[JBTM-3185] updating use of jandex version for narayana-jta cdi

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Moved all interaction to the top of the script except to check for the binaries that are built on remote machine

JBTM-3182 Fix basic LRA tests

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[JBTM-3181] updating pom.xml for the lra-proxy-api to be released on nexus

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RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY Updated to handle WFLY upgrade

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: More details on what to do with WFLY issue

Updated to 5.9.8.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 5.9.7.Final

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JBTM-3082 Wrong LRA status reported when it is Closing

[JBTM-3179] enable adding java source files to narayana-jts-* source jars

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JBTM-3178 Add warning for AbstractRecord create failure

JBTM-3178 Add warning for AbstractRecord create failure