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Reverted "RF-13671: Upgraded Arquillian PhantomJS to 1.1.3.Final" because the PhantomJS is not yet in public repository

This reverts commit 7109886c4f82ac9982f373337d78b893d52c3708.

RF-13671: Upgraded Arquillian PhantomJS to 1.1.3.Final

RF-13656: fix CSS handling in extendedDataTable

RF-13654: port photoalbum changes from 4.3.x

  1. … 561 more files in changeset.
RF-13647: fix NPE in RF-13018

RF-12132: prevent queue from hanging up

Merge pull request #86 from richfaces/RF-13514-fileupload-progress-update

RF 13514 fileupload progress update

RF-11736: fix popupPanel positioning

Date charts fix

fix fileupload behavior, improve style

fix resource path

fix component processing

RF-13754: updated Editor component demo

updating RichWidgets with new release - contains upgraded/fixed Editor and base Select component RF-13574

  1. … 33 more files in changeset.
Added some additional build optimisations to the file.

RF-13018: prevent commandButton execution

add issue number

RF-13571: upgrade Warp to Alpha7

RF-13514: delete progress control handling and servlet 2.5- support

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
RF-13217: fix phantomjs category exclusions setup for ITFileUpload

RF-13217: mark ITFileUpload as failing on PhantomJS

ITExecuteRichAjax: test no longer needs to be ignored

add workaround for WildFly 8 Final

RF-13572: reverting the previous commit - the issue was fixed in Warp snapshots

RF-13530: synchronize Warp execution to avoid 'Request was not original or wrapper' errors

RF-13571: upgraded to Arquillian Core 1.1.3, Drone 1.2.4 and Warp Beta1-SNAPSHOT

fixed import in MapperResourceFactoryImpl

improved javadoc of util package

improved javadoc of resource package

Merge branch 'RF-13560-improve-docs-for-push'