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ftest-legacy: tomcat 7 custom context.xml added

- there is a flag httpsOnly set to false, because only then can Selenium 1 clean cookies

- configured to be copied together with tomcat-users.xml

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Metamer: session over cookie instead of URL param

parent pom.xml - added protocol servlet dependency for eap 6-2 profile

showcase-ftest: https testing trust all certificates set to true

showcase-ftest: arquillian.xml reverted

showcase-ftest added resources for https testing

- wildfly added to https arquillian.xml

- keystore and altered standalone.xml for widlfly added



Profile for wildfly-https managed 8.1 added

RF-13715 reproducer created

parent pom.xml - added protocol servlet dependency for eap 6-3 profile

updated arquillian.xml for Metamer ftest

added default protocol 3.0

RFPL-2344: One deployment per test suite

reproducer for RF-11782 updated to log information correctly

WildFly 8.0/8.1 profiles added to Showcase arquillian.xml

Modified charts from 4.5 branch to work

RFPL-3036 Enhancement created

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ftest-legacy: selenium-server ensureCleanSession set to true

ftest-legacy: browser session reusable set to false

Arquillian Core, Drone extension and Tomcat extension upgraded

Added basic rich:chart component

metamer: added Skinning to Other components, added list with links, created reproducer for RF-11741

metamer: added reproducer for RF-13647

metamer: push: two push tests stabilization

metamer: push: united date pattern produced by push

metamer: tree: rowKeyConverter tests now work with the right samples

metamer: detection of jsf implementation version improved

metamer: matrixConfigurator: do not unconfigure when there is no configuration

metamer: fixed namespace in reproducer sample

reproducer for RF-13656 Table collapse after tab change

Graphene upgraded to 2.0.3.Final

metamer: test for queue clearing after error in @oncomplete function (RF-12132)