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Documentation: various documentation enhancements

- generate html files and deploy to Maven

- enhance left menu

- compress images

- add canonical links

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ISPN-3982 TransactionTable leaks memory when JTS is activated

* Some implementation has an unstable hash code. Use instead the identityHashCode()

ISPN-4969 Stopping a cache will stop all KeyAffinityServices created for other caches in the cache manager



ISPN-4446 Signal components of cache removal

* Since stop() takes no parameters, make the remove cache command

signal components of cache removal before cache stop, so that they can

do their job.

'Release Script: update versions for 6.0.3-SNAPSHOT'

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ISPN-4081 Upgrade JBoss Marshalling to 1.4.4.Final (ASL)

Remove hardcoded reference to sort implementation

ISPN-3862 Upgrade JBoss Marshalling to 1.4.2.Final

ISPN-3863 Remove references to lockSupportStore from JDBC and LevelDB store schemas

'Release Script: update versions for 6.0.2-SNAPSHOT'

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ISPN-3841 L1NonTxInterceptor - Invalid format of log.tracef message

ISPN-3839 Compatibility Mode tests didn't shutdown all the cache managers

Ignore Checkstyle metadata produced by the Eclipse plugins

ISPN-3799 Update base CHMv8 to rev 1.120

* It primarily fixes and edge case where CHM.get will sometimes fail to

find a key present in the map.

ISPN-3755 Add more detailed description of the filtering operators supported by the new query DSL

ISPN-3777 ThreadLocal in AbstractInvocationContextContainer is leaking instances of LocalTxInvocationContext

* InvocationContextInterceptor now sets the InvocationContext thread-local

* Batching mode now also uses InvocationContextInterceptor, so there is

only one place where the thread local is set/removed.

* InvocationContextFactory was extracted from InvocationContextContainer

* The thread-local is not set when the classloader is not needed, or when

the call classloader (either from AdvancedCache.with(ClassLoader) or from

the thread's context classloader) is the same as the configured

classloader (by default, the context classloader of the thread that

created the GlobalConfiguration).

* DefaultContextClassResolver now prefers the classloader in the

configuration to the current thread's context classloader (but if they

are different, the context classloader was already set in the

InvocationContext and returned by EmbeddedContextClassResolver).

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ISPN-3828 Some query and remote query tests using filesystem Lucene directory need to ensure the index is clean before and after the test

ISPN-3184 The DELTA_WRITE flag should force a remote get during state transfer

Fix some usages of Hibernate Search deprecated api

ISPN-3327 Fix the init.d script - make all paths parametric - run the server as root if no specific user has been specified - use the JBOSS prefix for two of the env variables that need to be checked by (to avoid too much divergence)

Add javadoc for the query dsl

ISPN-3724 Don't make the REST target migrator complain about spurious keys injected by other source migrators

ISPN-3822 Add a boolean statistics attribute to both containers and caches

ISPN-3364 Tests from org.infinispan.atomic package fail with AssertionError

* New IBM JDKs are implement LinkedHashMap properly now

* Thus reverted IBM LRU back to using standard LRU class

ISPN-3659 Cache stop should clear thread-local ExtendedRiverMarshaller or their instance caches

ISPN-3821 Include missing client dependencies

Also Clean up some server dependencies

- Remove the unsued jts dependency

- Use xpp3 instead of xmlpull (drop-in replacement)

Restore the Server RHQ plugin XML descriptor which was munged by gitignore

ISPN-3809 Manual indexing cannot be triggered when running in server mode

The MapReduceInitializer is not loaded from server classpath due to misconfiguration of module.xml and as a consequence the m/r task is not properly initialized.

* Add ManualIndexingTest for server

* Fix module dependencies so MapReduceInitializer gets loaded properly

* Also modify RemoteQueryTest.readClasspathResource to use Util.readStream instead of duplicating the code

ISPN-3805 Extended statistics test failures caused by ISPN-3422

ISPN-3773 State transfer thread can stop even though there are pending transfer tasks

Put the empty queue check and the thread stop in a synchronized block.

Simplify the state transfer loop by retrying failed tasks immediately.