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[DROOLS-1012] register the ClassLoaderResolver on the ServiceRegistry in kie-ci-osgi Activator

(cherry picked from commit e48ee17304c6af5568fd9a7af567a87f01e29040)

[BZ-1276379] fix kie module files discovery when dependencies are installed in JBoss EAP Module

(cherry picked from commit 1587b6e08f15eefd8c52121fe284f48252ee79b9)

[BZ-1265773] centralize annotations processing for type declarations and java classes

(cherry picked from commit 13054b4fb9477e9b776ee6da23292821ee8eac45)

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[DROOLS-921] fix events propagation from LIA node

(cherry picked from commit 9b479f9b708a20509a3d596077226e99391d29a7)

[DROOLS-924] fix FactHandles deserialization from jaxb

(cherry picked from commit dc52d8790a27a541d0ee0cc7a263f46b0a9dd494)

[DROOLS-924] fix EventFactHandles deserialization

(cherry picked from commit 59d791076204d28ed370bf83b7f21e9864b0a701)

[DROOLS-913] avoid to propagate normalized deletes

(cherry picked from commit c527e8d28f0dac1590f90d40e03bee6e8c576ba7)

(cherry picked from commit 3df503e5a960d195bae44f0019ddf4235c1a9f10)

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[BZ-1247559] fix unmarshal of eval function

(cherry picked from commit 02580f9a5ecf6163e9f100f4cf16e6114af9715a)



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[DROOLS-853] fix events propagation through a window node during an incremental compilation
[DROOLS-853] fix events propagation through a window node during an incremental compilation
[DROOLS-37] fix jitting of non-generic Comparable

(cherry picked from commit 9a94c0c8fc058fcb1f9d7855b8bce1d59690c06a)

I want to know your test method. I tested using 6.3.0 snapshot(kie-server and workbench), but rule didn't work. Please, let me know how to test.

I want to know your test method.

I tested using 6.3.0 snapshot(kie-server and workbench), but rule didn't work.

Please, let me know how to test.

[DROOLS-751] fix fireUntilHalt when using ForceEagerEvaluation

(cherry picked from commit 0d93b3b2d6a3ec8bf1ff98300638d1d720fd81d0)

[DROOLS-858] avoid coercion using String constructor when such a constructor is not available for a given type

(cherry picked from commit 80eb0e326e9a84591100af702799c6fb55cceab5)

BZ-1245616 - REST API is using wrong context for Correlation Key related commands

(cherry picked from commit 1fa4ae78dade19d9d75898f7ae0482987cfc3b3e)

JBPM-4296 - Make commands that contain a "process instance id" field implement the ProcessInstanceIdCommand interface

(cherry picked from commit a9826029797c4b835be158ca0839b728e5f9d52c)

[DROOLS-751] fix race condition in propagation queue

(cherry picked from commit 4ed10fac9397fbeec68d92e5f672b69c923a8599)



BZ-1241358 - SingleSessionCommandService Interceptor stack is lost when rollback

(cherry picked from commit 7ffc62aa554f5884064b81ee80078e35e3833006)

fix invaders example

(cherry picked from commit 5792b6350a12eab3b3078a000f243587623c73ca)

[BZ-1227866] fix RuleHierarchyComparator

(cherry picked from commit 38c9e9ab12125144c4409a417daa21eb097bd192)

[DROOLS-795] fix timers serialization

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BZ1234640: Guided Rule Editor: String fields with double slashes changes the editor

(cherry picked from commit 6830ef53caf4b5c4b65e794cea56fe9a82c5f06d)

[DROOLS-818] register declared listeners on StatelessKieSession

(cherry picked from commit 0e8fb56199a9a0d6538dab53a1edbb6f800ffd13)

[BZ-1228313] prevent NPE during a right update when no left memory is present (sequential mode)

(cherry picked from commit 87ee53c883ca63d9417f1f12ed96dd62b6e9647b)

[BZ-1228098] avoid eager evaluations in sequential mode

(cherry picked from commit 89d08fd76741204d41b8ddce1227e8acbc27e4a9)

BZ-1221491: fixing marshalling of additional commands

(cherry picked from commit d69fce6283fc15bc1808e39c26e25392dcf9c1b5)

[BZ-1227866] fix incremental compilation for extended rule

(cherry picked from commit 3d3042bf67ebfc40135be4d71df30109e9692ca3)

BZ1227234: Regression in 'forall' operator in Decision Tables

(cherry picked from commit 52fa55316dda10252feba304fbe6bc68bab1e2f3)

[DROOLS-751] add state machine to DefaultAgenda

(cherry picked from commit 1bf2875e9d73e2d1cd3b58200d5300485f890ff5)

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BZ-1225587: fixing NPE when out-identifier is set for StartProcess command. Test case added to kie-server-integration-tests.

[BZ-1225587] fix marshalling of StartProcessCommand

* the out-identifier is optional and may not be set.

The Xstream converter should first check if it exists,

and only then set the non-null value.