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BZ-1278598 - [GSS][6.1.z]Signal subprocess is never invoked

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remove spurious import

[DROOLS-924] fix EventFactHandles deserialization

(cherry picked from commit c6fd866c5f2f6678cf280d8cde36deb3a0f5f0d9)

BZ-1258797 Revert back the TransactionLockInterceptor default to false for SingletonRuntimeManager

(cherry picked from commit b9176ce9942b2f76259df918c7ee7e6cdb7fb923)

JBPM-4749 Persistence tests don't support Postgres Plus

Added support for com.edb.Driver class to data source properties handling.

(cherry picked from commit eaf0670a90d9a11bd2c3b803f5dd8977aeb8797a)

BZ-1270234 - (6.1.x) Business central REST : start process instance with correlation key issue fixed hibernate issue after upgrading to jboss-ip-bom 6.0.0.CR28

(cherry picked from commit 52ed692129ec00781d91d2fb91657f7588e90522)

BZ 1243597 - allow lanes to have metadata extension

BZ-1246139 - [GSS] (6.1.z) JobExecutor: Sorting and paging start behave strange after jobs are created and cancelled

BZ-1252787 - Null pointer exception during startup [DataServiceItemDefinitionHandler NPE fix]


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BZ-1249260 - [QE](6.1.z) Reading tasks from DB on MySQL 5.5 returns tasks with createdOn field that contains midnight time

(cherry picked from commit fd8610753bf393ccecdd0ef176a57b47d2a91cd2)

BZ-1245616 - REST API is using wrong context for Correlation Key related commands

(cherry picked from commit b7b7c138ae84f8a99ae783f1b6a532d4d0182402)

JBPM-4296 - Make commands that contain a "process instance id" field implement the ProcessInstanceIdCommand interface

(cherry picked from commit 36066fb024a86dc47d94085648e37092fca96b55)

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JBPM-4697 - OptimisticLockRetryInterceptor class not found on fuse 6.2.1. karaf

(cherry picked from commit 884a827ffc571e08fec1b85a707c236fb2e303f0)

BZ1241358 SingleSessionCommandService Interceptor stack is lost when rollback - test case

(cherry picked from commit 224453fd1217b85d29dd5f134d77e4e7b5ab87ca)

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allow sequenceflow to have metadata extension

[DROOLS-795] fix timers serialization

(cherry picked from commit 57c29a837da47097e94fa1c251923ac7fc174ef3)

BZ-1234592 - Race condition with multiple job executor threads on Oracle - adjusted dependency scope for better readability

(cherry picked from commit 7bbe6d993f7e6d30bf1c95a71cf38a7cefd4b960)

BZ-1234592 - Race condition with multiple job executor threads on Oracle

(cherry picked from commit 5de80525e91db774b988718b05046cba64e40120)

BZ-1236476, BZ-1236477 - REST Query Operation fails when using the "potentialOwner" parameter

BZ-1231002: When migrate BPMS from 6.0.1 to 6.1.0 , existing deployments are not transfered

(cherry picked from commit 977e1ad1937cb4e0d5462a764c0b15d76fa19215)

[BZ-1230881] add test case with XLS dtable with own config

BZ-1230881 fix adding dtable resources in SimpleRuntimeEnvironment

[DROOLS-751] add propagation queue

(cherry picked from commit 87c5b6f122f84022f90d3fb2b595aaef8269fb34)

Use the same timer delay in process marshalling tests

* the higher delay is safer on slow machines and makes

the test more stable

* in ideal case the test should be rewritten to remove

the unreliable Thread.sleep() calls, but that would

be much more time consuming and not worth the effort

for this branch

jbpm-executor: run tests in own forks to avoid random test failures

* some of the tests were (randomly) failing, because they were

influenced by tests running before them in the same VM. This is

usually sign that the tests should be rewritten and fixed,

but that would take much more time. Having them executed in own

forks is good enough solution for now.

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JBPM-4611 - Duplicate Timer calls by a Boundary Timer inside a MultipleInstances (cherry picked from commit 486103f4cf0be2bdd86037480436c75887162fcc)

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BZ-1199256 - Switchyard rules component cannot build a decision table from CSV format on JBoss FUSE - aligned OSGi manifest info with other jbpm modules

(cherry picked from commit eb2556c18b7f857e06603c4336990aa21a69be84)

BZ-1195145: Changed the property separator to avoid parsing errors

Updated build.xml for BPMN2 Modeler 1.1.2 and Eclipse Luna

BZ-1195145: Forced a Date Pattern for documents in order to avoid errors parsing it on front-end