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[DROOLS-1395] fix type declaration changes during incremental update (#1051)

(cherry picked from commit 3c586dbfbd5d8a2c8464e59e1c333212a8c2ec37)




RHBRMS-2705 (RHBRMS-2696, 6.5.x) (GUVNOR-2745, master): [Guided Rule Template] RTE when generating Template for Pattern with multiple non-template constraints (#1008) (#1015)

(cherry picked from commit a01a43e55cb9b22b54554ce1a7ceab39e29e66aa)

[DROOLS-1349] fix no-loop with eager evaluation (#993) (#1001)

(cherry picked from commit d82e4a9035715f28e54941f643a3c86fa4302d0b)

(cherry picked from commit cf1a6d983a9f0585b772f0c691cfee11fbfdafcf)

RHBRMS-2572: Guided Rule Templates: Generates incorrect DRL when literal constraint follows templated constraints (#990) (#999)

(cherry picked from commit 117660d903deaa0f330eeae999eddf3e6086e5c3)

[DROOLS-1346] always pass to the consequence the original fact handle even when cloned by a WindowNode (#985)

(cherry picked from commit 06f5244dfb9be520e8767571f116b91612be7384)



[DROOLS-1338] force flushing of updated and deleted events (#975)

[DROOLS-1338] force flushing of updated and deleted events

(cherry picked from commit b3692872c2f453f8e4d2fe9bfd34a8cbfcec5bdc)





[6.4.x] DROOLS-1286: Guided Decision Table: Unable to specify field type with Condition BRL fragment (#922) (#972)

[6.4.x] DROOLS-1279: [GSS] Compilation of spreadsheet fails with specific condition (#940) (#971)

always set agenda group focus in a propagation entry (#950)

(cherry picked from commit eaa02798bfcd43bdec14b3cc14893c3212e1074c)

(cherry picked from commit 074e86f3c4d036024362a392aa558b6ae93994f3)

[RHBRMS-2624] distinguish between right and left staged tuples

(cherry picked from commit 06210d723bffd42989ff356cec591f912b9fae14)

[RHBRMS-2624] distinguish between right and left staged tuples (#941)

(cherry picked from commit 2eb48750fe93187b07a3ffcbdc2aeb6e5d7a85e7)



RHBRMS-2573: Guided Rule Template: Generates incorrect DRL when template data has intentionally missing values (cloned from GUVNOR-2644 for 6.4.x) (#930)

(cherry picked from commit f7ab4ee3c88d767a8cbb372c2db1afa84b20a51d)

[DROOLS-1297] avoid checking available PermGen space under GAE (#927)

(cherry picked from commit c12b7454cb1464f90979ccadedcd39685d913356)

[DROOLS-1285] avoid forced flushing of unlinked paths in stream mode (#919)

(cherry picked from commit e6da071fa20de879d3f69176ab5f70b0db9a4f1f)



[DROOLS-1282] preserve KieModuleModel configuration properties during incremental compilation (#915)

(cherry picked from commit 931eb385d9fee5dd7801cef4f320304e73344aac)



[RHBRMS-2538] propagate stagedLeftTuples in doLeftUpdates of PhreakFromNode

(cherry picked from commit 3b0bee37e45737a7f2cecef3c22f54b49a6b9c14)

[DROOLS-1212,RHBRMS-2501] properly close streams/resources (#876)

* also fixed small typo in a method name

RHBPMS-4165: BRMS Generates wrong source code for Guided Rules if using 'Formula'

RHBPMS-4166: BRMS Generates wrong source code for Guided Rules if using 'Formula'

RHBPMS-4171 - Exception in JBPM Executor Command leads to loss of original error (#864)

[DROOLS-1247] fix immediate propagation (cherry picked from commit 45fb1d622759d3f439b9a089fa1b534e0df1a72d) (cherry picked from commit f372547850bcd13cba40f61b48e5327b03db5f11)

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[RHBRMS-2515] fix logical retraction caused by an expired event (#848)

(cherry picked from commit 7ce35a93a578214b05bab50f600c4ebc741bf5cd)

Don't report turtle tests as skipped (#844)

* reporting the thousands of generated tests

as skipped skews the overall "skipped tests"

statistics which is very bad

* before the change 25k tests were reported as skipped

* turtle tests can be executed using specific property, e.g.

`mvn clean test -DrunTurtleTests`

[RHBRMS-2509] register KieScanner on KieRepo when kie-ci-osgi bundle is activated (#841)

(cherry picked from commit e6fc9f60864760cee9e5b8467359cdf91dd4e012)

DROOLS-1229 Event expiration cycles itself when expiring events from large set of same rules with "after" operator (#839)

[DROOLS-1186] iterate all child left tuples during a left update (#826)

(cherry picked from commit 537496a890f30232153714768a5bd78afca59fd3)

[DROOLS-1219] fix ClassObjectTypes rewiring during packages merge (#818)

(cherry picked from commit 8809c601ab226c677db336d444d1ba382519090b)



[DROOLS-1199] dispose PlexusContainer after having finished to use it

(cherry picked from commit 29cbab3edc3584c21f6aa918a923c772e5608c51)



[DROOLS-1186] rehash deleted RightTuples in correct order while processing right updates (#808)

(cherry picked from commit ad8a7969cbc801811a3f58cb9ebd3ed7f6cf1b00)

[RHBRMS-2463] fix propagation of expired events

(cherry picked from commit 454dfeb1d9512f9c0daf5981bee381da58dd1619)

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