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RHBRMS-2621 - [GSS] (6.3.z) Errors in Phreak under heavy and multi threaded load (#675)

[6.5.x] DROOLS-987 - Errors in Phreak under heavy and multi threaded load (#623) (#624)

* avoid flushing drools propagation queue out of state machine control

* changed rule task to be sync node

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RHBPMS-4262 - Signal not getting invoked externally through rest API when it is in Error Scenario

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RHBPMS-4207 - Unable to get log tables precision up to milliseconds when using MariaDB/MySQL (#608)

RHBPMS-4241 - Fix NPE when deploymentId is null (#576)

RHBPMS-4241 - Avoid call to process service when task isn't associated with a process (#579)

RHBPMS-4184,JBPM-5277 - getTasksAssignedAsPotentialOwner doesn't allow groups searching, only actorid (#560)

JBPM-5255 - 'Process Not Found' when deploying more than one DeploymentUnit in BPM Suite 6.3 using PER REQUEST strategy (#548)

(cherry picked from commit 95e427e9cfab9676857c984a929e3df98fd2b0ae)

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RHBMS-4188 - Unable to use LATEST in process image REST endpoint (#545)

[RHBPMS-4106,JBPM-5232] fix CNFE when exucuting service task defined in standalone kjar

* thanks for the fix goes to @lazzarotti. I squashed the commits

for easier cherry-picking

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JBPM-5186 - Added indexes to update scripts (to improve query performance on VariableInstanceLog and NodeInstanceLog) (#507)

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JBPM-5191 - Task properties doesn't include values - only data types (#498)

JBPM-5186 - Database Queries perform poorly on VariableInstanceLog and NodeInstanceLog (#493)

(cherry picked from commit 0b5d1ce12d7ac9992c236a03966a6bf417d92c30)

ENTESB-4967 Different behaviour of DocumentBuilderFactory in Fuse and EAP (#490)

JBPM-5125 - Parent process is not notified about the subprocess completion if the subprocess was started in a previous version (#473)

(cherry picked from commit 210ad89b9e9fab445ca6990fa0bfef31d3e385f2)

BZ-1310820 - Can't signal sub process when using the EJB API (#458)

(cherry picked from commit 801df91557418ad14889edbec7ebefc907ab203f)

JBPM-5116 Added com.edb driver handling to PersistenceUtil.useTransactions() method. (#468)

(cherry picked from commit 9f924bb)

- updating installer snapshot version to 6.4.1-SNAPSHOT

upgraded to 6.4.1-SNAPSHOT (#455)

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Fix random user generation (#453)

[DROOLS-1119] fix timers serialization (#447) (cherry picked from commit 66895a9288f4c6cb6a84260109d3f20885b4d856)

[BZ-1308925] re-use db config methods (fixes issues with MariaDB)

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BZ-1322303 - External scoped signals do not work on WebLogic

BZ-1320206 - BigApp: JWS2/3 databases error when finishing DataCorection task

(cherry picked from commit 17e2276921b9cc44eed9a97f0e336fdfebf86746)

BZ-1322398 - Performance regression in starting a process which contains a human task

JBPM-5046 - Removed whitespace from oracle/bpms-6.2-to-6.3.sql script.

JBPM-5045 "Try-catch-finally"-zed transaction handling.

JBPM-5038 - DeploymentStore is not set in the DeploymentSynchronizerEJBImpl if DeploymentSynchronizer is turned off

(cherry picked from commit a0764c1b351bbe532d8fab3d46830eb4e6b0bcde)

BZ-1308925 - add support for MariaDB

[BZ-1317026] implement stated and logical delete

(cherry picked from commit b79eebf1f40f37a7e77cbd85cc42f02e88da25b8)